The Situation Just Is

As I have to go into work this weekend. I am just thinking how much it sucks to do so. I don’t want to work 10 days straight. Now the situation won’t change, so there is no point in being negative, and complain about it. That does nothing for me, but I also don’t see the positives either. Yes, more money, but that is of no importance to me at the moment. Yes, easy money, but rest is more important. If I work, I want to work.

I don’t think there needs to be a positive to everything either. It just is. It sucks. I don’t like it, but I will keep going, and live with it. My day off will come. This will end. Sometimes things in life suck, take it as it is, no negatives or positives. I mean if you want to focus on the positives, if there is one for you, than go for it, but I won’t force it, if I don’t see it. I rather just be neutral. My day off will come. As of now, I deal with it, and try to enjoy the little time I have at home, while I am there.

What I am saying, is you don’t have to look at things in a positive or negative light. Take the situation for it is, and keep moving forward. Remind yourselves, better days will come. Life isn’t always fun, or go the way you want, and that is okay. Awareness of this can set you free, and keep your mind at peace.

One thought on “The Situation Just Is

  1. LOVE THIS! There is no expectation that life is going to be all rainbows and sunshine… Life is more like a bumpy road with its ups and downs. Take them as they come. Embrace the ups and downs as a part of life. And like you said, remind yourself, there are better days to come!

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