Be Productive/Active

It is important to take time away from your devices, so you can practice productivity. Watching TV, playing video games, going through emails/texts, scrolling through social media can be enjoyable, but they tend to be distractions. Nothing wrong with indulging in it, but the ability to step away from it can enhance your activity.

Now what do I mean by being productive and active? This is anything that can improve your knowledge, insight, skills, creativity etc…It is about doing things that can boost your goals, potential, personal growth/development, health, and well-being among other things.

Doing these activities can give you a sense of accomplishment. It can build your self-confidence. This will cultivate a positive mindset and happiness.

There are many things that are productive:

  • Cleaning/decluttering your house
  • Organizing things
  • Learning to play an instrument
  • Learning a language
  • Working on career/future goals
  • Cook a meal
  • Learn to cook new dishes
  • Eat healthier
  • Enhance a skill
  • work out
  • Meditate
  • Practice Yoga
  • Go for a walk
  • Write/Journal
  • Practice dancing if you dance
  • Practice singing if you sing
  • Draw if you are an artist
  • Create something
  • Learn something new
  • Do something new
  • Motivating/teaching others

I could go on, but you get the idea. All these things bring a sense of accomplishment, and can be rewarding once you do it. It is all about learning to acknowledge when you are being distracted, realizing a waste of time it can be, and stepping away from the situation. Once you step away, it is much easier to get the things you want to do accomplished.

Some things may not seem enjoyable once you start, but when you finish the activity. You will be proud of yourself, and maybe even surprise yourself for completing the task. Being productive can help you learn about yourself, and make you a better person. All of this can create a happier world for yourself.

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