Face Your Fears/The Importance of Exposure

As someone who struggles with Social Anxiety. I think it is important to find ways to overcome your fears. It is not an easy process, but it is very important that we try to find ways to do so. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be something small, and then gradually make your way up to the thing that cultivates anxiety and fear. Exposure Therapy is used to help an individual with a phobia/fear to help them overcome the fear.

Avoiding the the situation that scares you will only allow it to become pervasive and ubiquitous. It will force you to continue avoiding it, and many things similar to the situation. If you face it, you will realize that it isn’t as scary as you thought it was, and you will gain a sense of self-confidence and personal growth. This will help you to open yourself up to other opportunities that may be fearful for you. If you can do that, then you can do other things as well. You can rewire your brain to not see fear, but to find strength in unknown/scary opportunities.

The more you avoid, the more you fear. This is why it is important to expose yourself to unknown/fearful/anxiety provoking situations. From experience with facing my own fears. You will feel much better about yourself when you do. As I mentioned, you should start with small things, then build up, because it is a process, and not something one can just dive into, unless you are up for the challenge.

Image result for overcoming fear

Image result for overcoming fear

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