Introvert and Extrovert Conundrum

Introvert and extrovert. I am sure you heard of these two personality types. I am known as an introvert. What type are you? Do you fit in either category? You may not actually fit into either group.

As new research has shown. There is a bigger personality group that the majority of the population fits into. That group is ambiverts. People who are ambiverts have a balance of both introvert and extrovert qualities. The big question is what is an introvert and extrovert?

There are many different definitions of what they are, but I don’t think it truly describes what introverts and extroverts are. If you look up the definition of introvert. You may find shy, quiet, introspective. For an extrovert you may find talkative, loud, out-going, expressive etc. I think these definitions over-complicate what these two personalities are. They are expressive and talkative introverts, and there are also shy and quiet extroverts. These definitions make it hard for people to distinguish what type they are.

The main definition of these personality types is how one gains energy. This is how one can distinguish one from the other. Introverts gain energy from being alone, being around others will drain an introvert. As an introvert, I don’t mind being around people. Many people may think introverts are antisocial, but that isn’t the case. Being around others is great from time to time, but if I socialize too much, it will drive me crazy. I am always exhausted after being around people, so I need my time alone to recharge. This goes for all introverts.

The opposite is for extroverts, they need to be around others to gain energy. Time alone will be draining for them, and they will need to find someone to be around to gain strength. This also goes for creativity. Extroverts are more creative with others, while introverts are more creative alone. Extroverts strive in groups, while introverts strive on their own. Neither group is bad, or better than the other; they just operate differently. They are both polar opposites, but they are also extreme cases and is not the majority. Humans need balance and equilibrium to strive in this world.

This is why the more ideal personality type is ambiversion. The balance of introvert and extrovert qualities. This type can gain energy from solitude and being around others. You may slightly lean towards one end or the other, but you don’t have a need to be alone, like introverts, or be around others, like extroverts do.

The introvert and extrovert scale makes you think that you have to fit into one group or the other, but that isn’t the case. You may very well be both. And good for you! It is always good to have balance. But don’t be to upset if you fall into the introvert and extrovert category. Embrace your personality. I love my solitude and peace, and I am sure many introverts do, and I can’t speak for extroverts, but I am sure they enjoy their company and being around others.

We can’t help what our preferences are, so just embrace and accept whatever type you are. Just remember that introversion to extraversion operates on a scale with ambiversion in the middle. A person is not that simple, and may have some qualities more than the other, while others are more at the extreme end. Now I did simplify the definition, but people are not quite as simple. Although, it is good to know you fit into a category to help understand oneself. I don’t think it should define who you are.



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