Give Yourself Space

Give yourself space and time to get away from the information overload or the distractions of the world. I sit here viewing the scenery of my plants in my room. I am listening to the sounds of the rain playing, and the thunder outdoors. I am looking at the grey clouds outdoors. It is quite nice to just sit and breathe. Giving my thoughts the air to breathe. I find this very relaxing and therapeutic.

I enjoy writing my thoughts on paper and meditating as well. Tending to my plants can also give me the space to be in the moment, and let my mind be at peace. It is important not to get stuck in distractions and a busy lifestyle. Take time to be still, and be in the moment. Enjoying the scenery and sounds around you. Allowing your thoughts, and emotions to flow through you, and be heard and understood. Take care of yourself, and everything will fall into place.

Give yourself the space to understand oneself, and deal with emotions you may have. It isn’t easy to sit still, believe me I find it difficult, but a little discomfort is good for us. We should always try to get out of our comfort zone every once in awhile. Take on the challenge. It can only help us build into a stronger individual. Strive to take care of yourself, be appreciative, and be mindful.

Give yourself space to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and nature as well. I wanted to post this beautiful shot of my favorite place to walk and be at peace.

Live With Discomfort

Although, we like comfort. It is important to learn to embrace discomfort. Use discomfort as a tool to learn and grow. Life would be boring if we didn’t have challenges and room to grow. Life involves changes. Sticking to the same routine cultivates stagnation. Go with the flow of life. Ride the waves. Let the storms come and go. Allow the sun to shine. I admit the anxious feeling isn’t enjoyable, but I do learn to embrace the feeling, because I know the experience will be beneficial to my growth. Living isn’t comfort. Creativity doesn’t come from comfort. There are things in life we will not enjoy. Discomfort is one of them. It does not mean it isn’t necessary in our lives. Pity, blame, anger, frustration, or sadness won’t help you. Accept what is, and this can help you move forward and learn. Attaching yourself to a perfect and comfortable life will lead you to pain and misery. Just remember, we all been through some crap, but we have gotten through it, and we will get through it again.

What Brings Me Happiness

We should all figure out the things that spark happiness in our lives. I learned what truly sparks my happiness when I had to spend a weekend alone indoors at home. I couldn’t go out, or meet up with friends, which made me feel down and lonely. It showed me that being outdoors and connecting with friends are two things that spark my happiness. I decided that if the next had nice weather. I would make an effort to be outdoors and meet up with friends.

It is important to be proactive and take action to bring happiness in to your life. No wallowing in self-pity, thinking about how life sucks, or how lonely I am. Taking action, and doing what needs to be done is how I can help myself. I like you to search for what makes you happy, and implement them in to your life as much as you can. Don’t think. Don’t wish. Just do! After you read this I like you to think of the things that bring happiness to your life. Try to focus your energy on incorporating these things into your life.

My list:

  • Connecting with friends/family
  • Going outdoors in nature
  • Taking care of plants
  • Mindful breaks
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening to music/dancing


What is it? It is taking action despite your feelings/desires/motivation. It is about focusing on the long term, rather than the short-term. You can’t always wait, until you feel like doing something. We rather do what is easy and comfortable, but that isn’t always the best for us.

Self-discipline is about diving into the uncomfortable, and doing things that can be considered difficult to oneself, but recognize it must be done to help you grow, and achieve your goals. To be able to reach the goals you like, self-discipline is an important factor. Procrastination, unhealthy habits, indulging in distractions are all due to lack of self-discipline. Now we all lack self-discipline from time to time, so don’t be hard on yourself, some more than others, but learning to build more self-discipline can go a long way in helping you be the person you want to be, and achieve what you want to achieve. To be mentally, physically and emotionally at your best. So how exactly does one gain self-discipline? There are a couple of factors I like to explain that can be helpful in gaining self-discipline.

  • Get uncomfortable-As I mentioned, you have to learn to live with some discomfort to move forward, to push through, and get where you want to be. Comfort can keep you stagnant. We as humans like to remain as comfortable as possible, but it doesn’t always have a positive effect on us to do so. Getting uncomfortable once in a while can be beneficial to our development and creativity.
  • Take action-As I mentioned above, you can’t always wait for motivation to strike. You won’t always be motivated. You got to just do it. No thinking, just do. No feelings, just do. Action goes a long way. I did not feel like writing this morning, but I still did it, because I know it is better for me mentally to write.
  • Be Aware-Learning to become cognizant of your unhealthy, or unwanted habits can help you focus your energy on steering away from these habits. When you are aware of what you should not be doing, or you are aware that this habit makes you feel worse and doesn’t benefit you. It makes it easier to make changes. Most bad habits are done mindlessly. Being more mindful can help you build better habits, and become more disciplined. When I am mindful of when I am wasting time by scrolling. I learn to shut it off, and do something more productive/beneficial for my mindset.
  • Meditate-Man, does this help build your discipline. I think this is better than anything. It is the hardest thing for me to do. Staying still is just so hard for us to do. We like keeping busy. If you are able to sit still for 10-20 minutes, take deep breaths, and allow your thoughts to flow. This can help build discipline in other areas in your life. Doing this helps me gain clarity, and to become focused on what needs to be done.
  • Replace habits-Learn to swap unhealthy habits to healthier habits. Rather than scrolling, or watching TV, use that time to read, or create something, or take a walk. Rather than eating cookies, chips or cake, swap for a healthier snack, like fruits or nuts. Rather than sitting down and watching TV to defeat boredom. Get some music on and dance to get you moving, and get some exercise. Not easy to implement, but can be done. It is best to switch to healthy habits you enjoy, so it is easier to make the transition. I was bored and lazy yesterday. I spent most of my day scrolling and watching TV, but I decided to switch it up, and be a bit more active, so I got some music and danced. It felt good to move. It gave me more energy. It made me happier. Switching from just laying down, doing nothing, to moving and dancing, and listening to some upbeat music can make a difference in your mood, and it helped benefit my mental and physical state. I realize I should do this more often when feeling bored. It is important to switch things up, and to not stick to the same habits, especially if they don’t benefit you physically and mentally. Pushing yourself to make some changes can help build discipline.

I will say having a lazy day is perfectly normal and totally okay. Sometimes you want to get out of your head and indulge in something. Sometimes you want to rest and chill. Sometimes you want food that isn’t the healthiest for you. That is okay. We just want to limit the amount of times we do these things, so we can improve mentally and physically.

  • Understand long-term gains, rather than short term pains-Focus your energy on what you will get out of something in the end, rather than the discomfort you will feel in the short-term. This is probably one of the biggest reasons I push through the discomfort. The short-term pains/discomfort will be gone, but if you let it linger, it will create guilt, shame, bitterness, stagnation, sadness, among other things. I know if I don’t write. I will feel unaccomplished. I know if I don’t get exercise or movement. I will feel incomplete. I know if I don’t eat my required nutrient intake. I am not giving my body the fuel it needs to thrive. All this keeps me on track. I focus on the long-term benefits, not short-term.
  • Believe in yourself-This may be hard for some of you, but if you talk down to yourself, have no confidence in yourself. You are what you believe. If you think you are a failure, you will be one, brutal, but true. The reason is, if you believe that, you will most likely not try. If you believe you can make change, then you will work to make it happen. Be kind to yourself, trust yourself, and you can go a long way to achieving what you like to achieve. You can’t go far beating yourself up.

I am sure there are plenty of other ways to build self-discipline, but I’ll leave it with these. I find these really help keep me in check. I hope they help you in some way as well, or they do help you in some way. We want to aim to grow, become healthier, and more content and at peace. Self-discipline can help us on that journey.

Life Of Uncertainty

I had an idea of what m Sunday was going to be. I was excited to go the park, sit on a blanket under a tree, and relax with my books, and connect with a friend, but things did not turn out the way I planned. That is the thing about life. You can’t predict the future, or expect things to go the way you thought.

My car didn’t start on the way over there, so had to use my friends car to get to the park. Once we were there. I was still a bit upset about my car, so my excitement died down a bit. The lot where I wanted to go was full, so we had to go to a spot I didn’t like as much. We were also surrounded by cicada’s, and the noise was a bit distracting. We also couldn’t sit under a tree, so we had to stay under the sun, which was unpleasant. We were there for about 30 minutes, so the day didn’t go at all how I planned.

I could have called it a day, said the day was shot, and be miserable, but I recognized this is all part of life. Yes, I am a bit upset nothing went to plan, but not all is lost. I ended just hanging out on my friends porch, in the shade, and we ended up having a nice time. I got to read, listen to music, and connect with my friend. I realized being on her porch was pretty nice, and that we should do that again, instead of going to parks, and dealing with multiple bugs, and also having a bathroom.

So in the end, these bumps brought something new to my horizon. I was able to still enjoy my time, and find a new place to hang out. By the end of the day I felt much better. I was still a bit stressed about my car, but the stress wasn’t too strong. The thing is you will always feel the emotion, but acceptance of uncertainty will lesson the severity.

The day did not go how I planned it, but sometimes life doesn’t go the way you planned. What you envision for the future is not reality. Once reality hits. You got to be able to handle what life has to offer, good or bad, because life isn’t smooth or perfect. And in the end, you may find a silver lining like I did, something good can come out of all of it. I found a new spot to hang out, and I found some good writing material.

Habits That Keep Me At Peace In A Digital World

Being on social media can have its drawbacks. It can create anxiety, frustration, and depression. It is easy to fall into the negativity trap when you immerse yourself into that world. I have been able to stay on social media and still have a peaceful mind and soul. How? I like to discuss the reasons that helped me stay sane and at peace. Some people detox, which is great for them, but I don’t necessarily feel the need, since it doesn’t negatively impact my life. These habits have made it easier to live peacefully without allowing social media to destroy my peace, or should I say. I haven’t allowed social media to destroy my positivity and peace.

  • Awareness-When it comes to mindfulness. Awareness is very important. This is also the case for my social media use. When I recognize that I am being wasteful, or I am starting to feel any uncomfortable emotions. I shut it off. When I start to feel negativity creep in. I take a step back, recognize where I am going, and revert back to where I want to be. I tell myself none of this is that serious, it is just social media, and I move forward. Being able to be aware of where my thoughts and emotions are going. Helps me pull away from negativity, and push toward a more positive and peaceful mindset.
  • Don’t engage in negativity-People can say some hurtful things on social media. It is easy to engage and react. There are times I start typing something, but then I become aware of what I am doing, delete it, and move on. I try to ignore negativity on social media. I rather engage in positive things. I rather use it to fangirl over my favorite kpop groups, look at pictures of nature and plants, read inspirational quotes, watch inspirational or funny videos. When you put your energy into the positive aspects. You don’t have much time for the negative aspects.
  • Acceptance-This is another big point of mindfulness, and a huge way of keeping yourself at peace. There will be comments that upset and frustrate you. The news can be depressing. I follow lots of news on SNS. Not everyone has the same set of values as I do. Not everyone has the same opinions as I do, I recognize this. There are some depressing things that show up on my timeline, but as I recognize there is bad things in this world. There are also good things, and plenty of things to appreciate. Life sucks, but life is also good. I feel bad for the people suffering in this world, but getting depressed doesn’t help them. I can’t help them much. I will just focus on the things I can help, which is my happiness, and helping others seek happiness and peace. The world is filled with good and bad things. That is part of life. Accepting this can help you navigate the digital world much better.
  • Objectivity-Do not take things personally! Majority of the people on social media are strangers. Their opinion should not have much affect on you. Everyone has different perspectives. Social media is not about being the moral police. I am not perfect, so I will not judge others for their words. Bullying others to fall in line does not make you a happier person. I may disagree with others, and their opinions may be hurtful to others, but that is their opinion. Most of the time I can’t change it, so I rather just keep moving. I recognize we are all different, and have a different set of values. Once you recognize this it will be easier to navigate social media without feeling anger, resentment and frustration.
  • Seeing the grey-Recognize not everything is black and white, all or nothing, right or wrong. Look at understanding other perspectives. My opinion may be right, but for another opinion it can be right to. Open yourself up to other opinions. You may be surprised that you agree a bit with them. Another opinion from myself doesn’t equate to a wrong opinion, it is just different. Opening yourself up to different opinions makes things easier, and also a learning experience. It makes you more understanding and compassionate, which will make you a more relaxed and happier individual.
  • No need for validation-I try not to use social media for validation. It is nice to get noticed, but I normally just use it to express myself, that’s it. There is so much freedom in recognizing you don’t need others approval to create a post. I honestly love not having a lot of eyes on me. It is easier to post what I want, and not feel any pressure.
  • Step away- It is important that you don’t use these platforms all the time. When it is getting too overwhelming. I shut it off. When I recognize I am just wasting time there and mindlessly scrolling. I get off. When I am out. I don’t use it. Social media is not my life. I do other things to occupy my life, which is important to staying at peace. Get out, read, be creative. There is so much more out there. Once I step away. I realize how unimportant things are on social media. The things that upset me don’t matter as much. Real life is more important. This brings me back to reality, and brings me back to a peaceful place.

All of these habits have made my social media experience much more easier to deal with. I very rarely feel any stress, or sadness from being online. Social media is a platform for people to express themselves. It isn’t my life, or your life. The real world is out there. Explore that more, rather than putting your attention on a virtual world. It isn’t that serious. I hope these habits were helpful, and that you learn to use social media with a more mindful heart. I hope you continue to find peace, happiness and love in your lives.

Habits That Keep Me At Peace

It can be easy be in a negative place in life right now. I choose to be in a more positive space. How I do this is by creating habits that help me stay in a more positive space. Negativity is all around us, but I and you should try to figure out ways to combat them by putting our energy into a more positive mindset. I like to discuss the things that keep me in a more happier and peaceful place. I think we should all create habits that help keep us in a peaceful place. There is enough negativity out there, lets bring in positive vibes and peace.

  • Appreciation-I like to focus my energy on the things I appreciate in life. I have enough things in my life that I appreciate. When I think about all the good things in my life. I feel a bigger sense of happiness. When I am down, and recognize there are things to appreciate in life. It helps me out of that funk much sooner. I have really made an effort lately to focus on the good, and it has helped me in a positive way.
  • Laughing-Being around people who make you laugh, joking, and having fun with others is very important for your overall happiness and well being. I enjoy having a good laugh with friends. It is important to have fun in life, and to not be too serious all the time. Have a good laugh with friends. Watching something funny. I am sure it can help you feel much better. It definitely helps me.
  • Connecting-Talking with loved ones(family/friends) can be very helpful for me. I feel a sense of joy after having a good talk, discussing my life and their lives, and about things in life in general. I learn something new when I am out with friends or family. I think having good chats with my friends or family helps keep me in a better place mentally. We are social creatures. It is important for us to connect.
  • Mindful time-Spending time away from distractions. Giving me space to let my thoughts free. Giving me space to be creative is important for my overall well-being and happiness. This time allows me to truly appreciate myself and the moment. It gives me the freedom to be me.
  • Choosing my emotional state-I can’t control my emotions, but I can control the duration of how long the emotion effects my overall state. I get upset, angry, frustrated, annoyed, sad, but I don’t allow these emotions to consume me for a long period of time. I prefer to focus my energy on the more uplifting emotions. Happiness, joy, appreciation, excitement, tranquility, calmness. These emotions are the ones I allow to stick with me for longer periods, keeping me in a better state of mind.
  • Being a plant mama-Having something to take care of brings me a sense of joy and fulfillment. I also enjoy having them around me. It makes me happy seeing all the plants thriving under my care, okay not all thrive, but majority of them. The fact that I have improved by a lot makes me proud. And I enjoy staring at them every once in awhile. It brings me peace.
  • Focusing on what I can control-Doing this really helps me a lot. I try to put my energy on the things I can control, because if I focus on the things I can’t, it tends to lead to frustration, anger and misery. There is nothing I can do about every situation. No reason to put myself in a negative space when I don’t have to. I find peace putting my energy on the things I can do.
  • Doing things I enjoy-Going out for walks, connecting with friends, eating out, going to the beach, doing yoga, reading, having a picnic. These are some of the things I love to do, so I make an effort to do these things when I can. Doing these things puts a big smile on my face, which makes life much more enjoyable and fun.

All of these habits make my life better, so I try to implement them in my life as much as possible. I think it is important to create habits that can help you live the best life you can live. Life is too short to be miserable, especially when you have plenty of things to be grateful for.

Low Motivation

I woke this morning with no will to write my usual Monday blog post. I don’t have much inspiration lately. I did have a post to write, but have no urge to write and post it. I have no excitement for it at the moment, so I just don’t want to force myself to post it. I never really post anything I am not excited to write and post. Now grant it, there are plenty of times I don’t feel like writing, but once I push myself I feel much better, and really get into writing, so I think it is important to push yourself eventually, instead of continuously pushing something off. I write because I like providing helpful tips, and spreading my knowledge about mindfulness and personal growth.

I don’t feel guilt or sadness, nor excitement or joy. I am just going through the motions. I am just allowing what I am feeling just to be. If you aren’t feeling motivated, excited, or inspired. That is perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with that. Days like these happen.

I am just ready to get back to work. I just don’t want to be home. I want to be busy and productive. Was it the gloomy weather? Lack of being outdoors this weekend? Not sure. Although I like keeping a schedule, because it helps push me to get things done. I may not always feel like writing, but once I start writing I tend to enjoy the process. This is why you got to push yourself eventually. Starting is when the magic happens, The thought of starting is much worse, than actually doing what needs to be done.

I choose not to force things all the time. We should all choose not to do so. Be kind to yourself. When you have these days. Listen to your body and emotions. If you don’t have to do it, than don’t. You can have a day to relax. You can have a day where you lack productivity. Just remember to get back to where you need to, because eventually guilt, and your inner critic will come to straighten you up, because humans have this need to continue to progress in life. We like a challenge. We like doing things to better ourselves. Push yourself most of the time, but don’t force all the time. I will end this here. This wasn’t a specific topic. Just my personal story with a bit of helpful tips. Hopefully this resonates with you. Have a lovely week.

Be Your Best Friend

It is important to treat yourself with respect and compassion, like you would a good friend. We give others so much love, but forget to give it to ourselves. We also fear being alone with ourselves, but the only way to truly know yourself is by giving you some me time. You realize there is actually a lot of freedom spending time alone.

Having others to depend on is a wonderful thing, but the only person you can truly depend on is yourself. Having the ability to comfort oneself in times of need cultivates freedom and peace. You can’t control how others treat you, but you can control how you treat yourself, so why not treat yourself with love and respect?

You got to remember to treat yourself like you would a good friend by listening, empathizing, understanding and lifting oneself up. The things you do for others you care about needs to be practiced on ourselves.

If a friend states they are worthless, a horrible person, ugly, not good enough, or unlovable. You would do everything you can to help lift them up ,or try to convince them they are not those things, why not do that to yourself?

Being proud of yourself is important. Listening to yourself is important. Giving yourself priority is important. Spending quality time with yourself is important. Learning to accept the good, bad, and in between of who you are is important.

Give yourself a break. Don’t be too harsh on oneself. Your inner critic is there to protect you from getting hurt, or from making a mistake, or looking like a fool, but the majority of the time it hurts and pulls us down more than protecting us.

Be kind to yourself. Accept your flaws, like you would a good friend. I am sure you have no problem with the flaws of a good friend, why not accept yours? No one is perfect. If you can’t love yourself. It would be hard to appreciate the love of others.

Things one can do to be your best friend

  • Honor your needs
  • Listen to yourself
  • Spend time alone
  • Set boundaries
  • Practice self compassion
  • Accept flaws
  • Appreciate your strengths
  • Praise oneself
  • Find self comfort
Be your own best friend Quotes | Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes

Finding Joy On My Days Off/Setting Me Up For the Work Week

There are lots of people out of work at my job, so work has been more exhausting and overwhelming, than it has been. The pandemic has made our work situations a bit tough all around. There is a lot of work, but not enough people. The thing that has been keeping my spirits up is the ability to enjoy my days off as much as I can.

I try to use my days off to explore, connect and learn. I think these things help keep me at peace, it allows me to live, it sparks joy and excitement, and it keeps me in a happier place. I enjoy spending my days off connecting with friends. I don’t have many, but the few I do have, I truly enjoy their company. I enjoy talking about my life, hearing about their lives. I always learn something new talking to my friends. Quality over quantity for me. I enjoy being around others who make me feel better after connecting. It can be going for a walk or hike together, or just having a meal together. A nice time connecting with loved ones definitely helps lift my spirits. It is important to have positive people in your life that sparks joy and laughter.

The weather is starting to get warmer, so I spend my days outdoors on my favorite trails. I am trying to discover new trails as well, just to get a new experience to bring some excitement, but I also enjoy going to my favorite ones as well. I also started running again. Getting a good exercise can help rejuvenate my body and soul. I always feel a sense of peace going for my walks. It definitely helps put me in a better mood. I feel more at peace. Listening to my music, or the birds chirping, viewing the scenery, and smelling the fresh air. Ah what a wonderful time to get yourself right from the stresses of the week.

I tried this weekend to be a little creative as well. I bought stickers for my plant vases. I thought I brighten them up a bit. I also bought some more color pencils for my butterfly frame picture(almost done with it). Having the opportunity to be creative and mindful can help me feel accomplished and proud. It feels great to do things with your hands, and create your own version of something.

I have also been reading these interesting books to help keep me mindful and entertained. This one mindful book helps keep me in the moment by having a bunch of activities in it. They are quite fun to do. One activity I really like is their Beautiful moments notecard activity. I write down an interesting or fun moment in my life on these notecards, and I put them in a cup. It is a great way to reflect and look back on the good moments in my life, and it helps me to feel more appreciative of my life. It keeps me positive.

As I mentioned, my weekends are the best time for me to tend to my plants. I love having that time to do plant maintenance. It really makes me feel good taking care of my plants, and doing what I can to keep them alive. It makes me proud seeing my improvements as a plant parent. Keeping them alive makes me feel proud and accomplished.

I truly like to make the best out of my weekends, and live life to the fullest I can. The work week can drain me, and bring me down, so my days off are a way to lift me back up, and bring me back to a positive place. I have been pretty good at staying as positive as I can, because if my weekends are full of joy, that helps buffer the stressors of work, during the week. I try to focus on the positives, but also recognize the difficulties of the situation at the time, but in the end the work will get done, and I will go home.

Your days off are there for you to enjoy. To do whatever you like to do, whatever that may be. Have fun, relax, connect, and find joys. Doing this can make your work week go much smoother, and make one less cranky throughout the week. Anything you can do to make things easier for oneself, and bring more peace to your life. Below are pictures of some of the things I have discussed that spark joy.

These are the Beautiful Moment notecards
This is my Money Tree(Pachira aquatica) getting big
This is my butterfly coloring frame(almost done!)
A nice scenic shot of my walk Sunday on my favorite trail
These are the books I am reading for this month. I definitely recommend for some entertainment and perspective on living mindfully.