Live In Your Present Reality

The online world is not your reality. What you see in front of you is. Spend time in the present moment. What you can actually see, feel, touch, taste and smell in real time. Find activities that help you live in the moment. Experience things outdoors that help bring you back to your reality, spend time with loved ones and friends. You never regret being online too little, but we do regret not experiencing life more. The best moments are spend living in the present moment immersing in the world in your immediate surrounding, not in the world of virtual reality. This is something I need to constantly remind myself, so thought it would be a nice little reminder for you all.

Be The Main Character of Your Story

This topic has interested me for a while, and I looked at quite a few blogs discussing this topic, so what does this mean? It means to put energy into yourself and focus on yourself and your goals. It does not mean you are superior to others, or above them, or better than others. It does mean putting your priorities first, and not putting others on a pedestal above you. Everyone has their story, and your own story should be your focus. 

You got to work on making your life interesting so that you don’t bother focusing on others, or getting envious of others. It is about working on your goals, creating your own experiences and achievements. When you are living your life, you are not worried about how others are living it. Not being glued to social media, and checking for others can help with that as well. Go out and get something done, it doesn’t have to be anything major, little things each day, lead to big things.

Expressing gratitude, and appreciating all that you have, rather than what you lack can go a long way. Someone else may have all these things, but they don’t have everything, no one does, everyone has something they lack. We will always lack something, but we also always have something, so put your energy into that. What are your achievements? What are your skills? What are your talents? We all have them, find them within yourself. 

Experience life for yourself, not from the perspective of others. Envy, jealousy, comparisons got to go! There are plenty of talents, skills, and experiences you have that others can be jealous of as well, but you have to allow yourself to be the main character in your life to do so. Vicariously living through others won’t do it. Being the main character is making things happen for you, rather than watching others making it happen. It doesn’t have to be anything grand. You can romanticize the littlest things. It is important to live your life to the fullest you can make it, no matter how big or small it is. 

I will give an example of main character energy. I believe I am a successful blogger, but others can see my following, and say I am not. In their story I am not, but their story is not important to me, my story is. I believe I am, so that is what I am. This is the energy you have to bring.  

Yes, these people may have what you don’t have, but you can also have things they don’t have. Yes, they have skills you don’t have, but you have skills they don’t. Yes, they achieved certain things, but you can also achieve those things and other things they haven’t. When you are living your life, enjoying your hobbies, achieving your goals. You aren’t worried about what others are doing. You got to make yourself the main character, because it is your life. Why would you make someone else the main character of your story? Because at the end of the day, your life is your story. We have to stop romanticizing other people’s lives, and start putting the energy into our own lives.

Create More, Consume Less

I don’t just mean be creative and create things yourself. I also mean create moments and experiences you enjoy. Sit with your thoughts and let your creative imagination wonder. Create solutions to problems. Create goals you like to achieve. Create something you want to do in the future. Creating is your time to shine.

Consuming inspires us, but there should be more of a balance of inflow and outflow. I know there will be times you want to consume more. I am sure I will, but this is just a bit of inspiration and a reminder to create more in your life. The weather is getting nicer. A good time to be creative outdoors and explore.

Mindful/Slow Living

Now that I have not been online as much lately. I have been practicing more mindful living. I have been living in the moment more. And it has been a wonderful experience. So what has been present showed me.

  • Focus on myself/time spent alone-This experience has given me time to allow my thoughts and emotions to shine. The thoughts and emotions I am worried about are my own. I feel a sense of peace not having lots of other opinions and emotions invade my space. I am not saying don’t care about others, but give yourself space for your own thoughts, emotions and goals. It is good to not worry about what others are thinking. There is a sense of peace to that.
  • Romanticizing my life-Focusing on myself has made me realize how much I enjoy my life. I have interesting hobbies that I can immerse myself in. I am really starting to appreciate plant care so much more now. This time spent away from the screen gives me more time to tend to my plants, and put more focus on caring for them. I realize how awesome it is to be a plant mom. On a bigger scale, this can go for parents of children. If you put energy into yourself, you will then have energy to put into your children. And you will realize how awesome it is to be a parent. I think of all the trips I have planned, local and out of state, and the wonderful trails I am able to walk around here. I just feel I have so many exciting things going on in my life, and it starts by focusing on yourself, and unplugging. 
  • Learning to not put others on a pedestal-This goes along with the last one. When I would scroll or be on Youtube. I would romanticize the life of others. Also, the idols I was obsessed with. But when I put my energy on myself. I realized I had nothing to be envious of. I have lots of interesting things going on with me, why am I worried about them? When you put the focus on others, your world revolves around them, and that is not how it should be. Unless, you are a parent, the only exception, but for strangers, that’s a big no. Their lives are great in some ways, but so is mine. It is time to take others off that pedestal, and put yourself on it. We all have plenty of interesting things going on in our lives, and if you don’t, time to make that happen! We got to stop living vicariously through others and start living our own lives. If you put energy into others. You have no time for yourself.
  • Peace, fulfillment and appreciation-Probably the most prevalent emotions I feel at the moment. Peace of mind that I am not worried about others, seeking some sort of validation. I am just doing me. Fulfilled in all the hobbies I partake in and being able to immerse in the activities I do. Appreciation for what I have and what I am able to do.
  • Creativity-When you give your thoughts space. You can end up having interesting thoughts pop up. Also, when you aren’t scrolling, or being fed information nonstop. You get ideas. I have gotten a lot of ideas just from sitting with myself. Goals, more activities I should try, ideas about life. You can get the most random thoughts. Once I was in my car, just sitting, looking at a tree. I wondered what kind of tree is this, can it hear my thoughts, are they conscious? Just random stuff like this, you are just present, this is stuff you miss when you are just scrolling.
  • Feeling refreshed- Now that I just sit with myself before work, and during my lunch break. It really helps refresh myself and energizes me to go into work, or back to work. As someone who gets overstimulated easily and drained by others around me. It is best to give myself space to breathe and think and fill my energy up to get out and socialize, and be around others. I feel scrolling did not help that, but sitting with myself brought my energy back up. 
  • Freedom-I feel a sense of not being attached to wanting to post things or get some sort of validation from others. I can just freely live my life and do things without having to take photos to post. I can just enjoy what I am doing. 

These are all the things I got from living a bit more mindfully. I am sure there are more, but these are the things that stand out right now. I like giving myself that refresh on Saturday, so I can recharge for the week. It is fun finding different activities to fill my time when I am not online.

Stimulation Detox Day

I decided this week that I would take one day (Saturday) to not use any social media platforms. I mostly use Youtube, so that was the platform I really wanted to stay away from. I just wanted a day to myself, to allow my thoughts to shine, and to do other things, rather than scrolling.

It was quite interesting not having that outside connection. I sometimes felt alone, and it was scary just having my thoughts, but it was a very welcomed discomfort. I think it is important to feel some discomfort. I did have an urge to go online to watch something I thought of, but it was short-lived.

Having a day of no social media gave me the opportunity to do other things I wouldn’t normally do as much, like read and listen to music. It was a nice change of pace. I will say, it doesn’t necessarily make me any less productive being online. I get the same amount done off social media, and on it, so I realized my productivity is still the same, that just show I am determined to get things done, and nothing will stop me, so that was nice to know.

I did realize you do still find other things to distract you when you don’t have social media to do so, for me it was music, and sometimes a book, but I liked the change of pace, and doing something different. This gave me an opportunity to read more and listen to more music. I was also able to dance around, and move my body, rather, than just sitting in front of a computer all day.

I was able to sit with myself more and be creative and imaginative with my thoughts. I will say I thought I would have more insights than I had, but interesting things did pop up. It is interesting the type of thoughts that come to you when one is reading. I didn’t sit with myself as much as I wanted though. I focused more on my tarot, reading and listening to music, but I definitely did sit with my thoughts more without social media.

Overall, it was a nice experience. I did not get bored whatsoever. I realized there are other things that can entertain me. I did have a bit of discomfort, and felt a bit isolated, but those feelings are all bearable, and the feelings go away pretty quickly. Also, they are much needed feelings to have. It is good to sit with those feelings. We need space to be alone with ourselves. We should learn to be with ourselves and to be more mindful.

After this experience, I decided this will be every Saturday thing. I think it will be nice to have a detox day to clear my mind and be more mindful. To give the thoughts I have space, and to give myself space to be me with no other people’s opinions or thoughts invading my space, well except the few people I am around, during that day, and the Authors of the book I am reading, but it okay to have a few, but when you have hundreds of opinions coming at you through social media it gets too much, so I need a break from that. And this allows you to live more mindfully and slowly. I honestly think this is something everyone should try, if not once a week, just something you try once at least.

I don’t want to quit social media all together, because it does not really affect me negatively, the platforms that did that, I left, I really just use Youtube now. But I did want a day away from that platform as well, so thought I would try this. It is nice to get a different perspective on life when you avoid social media for some time.

Mindful Messages 4/28

Thinking about doing something can lead to hesitation, and never getting it done, with many what ifs in the air. You will never know, until you do it, so it is better to just act. If I kept thinking about how I can start my blog. I never would have done it, once you start it, all things fall in place. Every time I think about how I will write a blog, it leads to not getting anything done, but once I just start writing, everything flows out of me. Action is the best bet, there is a place to plan things, but overanalyzing things will get you nowhere. Take a lead and just act. This can lead you closer to your goals.

I read this, before I had to go to work. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going, as by the end of the week I am drained. But this was a reminder to find little joys throughout the day, and to not immerse myself in negativity and wallowing. I am happy to be alive, and to experience what I do. I got a good job. I get paid well. Embrace the time of struggle, so that I can enjoy the times of freedom, relaxation and fun much more.

I believe we are here on Earth to face challenges, and although it may suck, it definitely does, it helps us grow on a personal level. There are good things that can come from struggle if you allow it. Enjoy the day ahead of you, life is too short to be miserable. If you are going through a difficult period, that is okay, feel the pain, but know things will get better eventually. I understand how hard it is to be positive in those times.

If you are able to find things to appreciate and find little joys throughout your day, please do so. This can help lift your spirit a bit more, why be miserable and negative, when you can be happy and positive. It is better for your mental and physical health.


Self-awareness is your ability to perceive and understand the things that make you who you are as an individual, including your personality, actions, values, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. Essentially, it is a psychological state in which the self becomes the focus of attention(

I believe self-awareness is important to have. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know your worth and value. It is important to reflect on your mistakes, and your bad habits. It is also important to accept your flaws and learn from them. You should be aware that you are not perfect and flawless, and that is okay. We are a working progress.

I had become obsessive over this music group that I like. I didn’t really like that I was like this. As I am aware of my nature to become obsessive and attached. I decided I needed to detach. This all comes from my ability of self-awareness. You are able to pinpoint destructive habits and change them. I know this mindset does nothing for me. I was using them as an escape, a distraction, so I decided to fill my time with other distractions that were more beneficial to myself. I also pursue hobbies I enjoy, and work more on my skills and crafts that I am interested in. I am now detached from the group, and I feel much better about it. This all starts from a place of self-awareness. 

I have also been spending at least 30 minutes a day to myself. I sit, immerse myself in the scenery of my apartment, or room. I reflect on how I am feeling, and what my goals are for today, and the future. I reflect on what is keeping me stuck, and what can help me grow. I give space to focus on myself and my thoughts. It all starts with self. Prioritize yourself, and things will fall in place. 

The power of self-awareness. The power to know oneself. Your limits. Your strengths. The mistakes you made. What you can learn from them. This is all beneficial information for you. Rather than focusing on what is going on with others. It is more important to go inward, and focus on yourself.

Time Flies When You Are Living

The saying goes “Time flies when you are having fun.” This is true, but I recently heard the saying, “Time flies when you are living.” I really liked that one, because yes, this is correct, I like this saying better. Yes, it flies when we are having fun, but when we are having fun, the time flies, because we are immersed in the moment. Time flies when we are productive busy, or doing a hobby we enjoy. This all involves immersing ourselves in the moment. I do think, “but do I really want time to fly all the time.” Time goes by fast already, but if you are living, why not?

I do think down times are important too, times of boredom, it is nice to bored sometimes. It allows time to slow down a bit. It can also inspire and motivate me to do things, it also pushes me more to get into the groove of the work week. It makes it easier to step into the work week. Living in the moment is a wonderful thing.

I was wondering what I should write for my next post. I couldn’t think of anything inspiring, and things have been difficult for me the past week, so I filled my days with distractions, which makes it harder to be inspired. The moment I sit down, and allow my mind to wonder, inspiration hits me. I find this quite fascinating.

Time is relative, when I think time is moving slow, it will, but if I think it is moving fast, it moves fast. The important thing is to be in the moment and embrace the moment at hand. Accept what is happening now. I do this at work. I used to think time moved slow, because my focus was on leaving, and going home. Now I just stay in the moment and focus on the task at hand at work. Time seems to move much quicker now.

You Are Powerful

You are powerful. You are the creator of your reality. Your dominant thoughts cultivate what you see. If you believe something to be true, it is true. If you believe it is false, it is false. There are no facts, just thoughts. When you realize this being triggered becomes reduced. You are able to live the life you want. Your thoughts no longer keep you trapped. Believe in yourself. Believe you can change. Believe your life can change. Your circumstances can change. Be persistent. Stay consistent in what you want. It isn’t always quick, but it will come. Be in the present moment, but remember the present doesn’t have to be your future. Life is a progression of present moments. Your life story can always change. What is your dominant story? Do you like it? If not, let’s change it.

April Guidance

This is the month to balance the scales, seek justice. Try not to allow emotions, or subjectivity to rule over you. Be objective. See things for what it is. It is important to see both sides of a situation. There could be a lot in store for you this month, a lot of activities, or duties for you. Try not to do too much or take on too much.

There could be lots of exciting things in store for you, but it is important not to overwhelm oneself too much. Take things step by step, day by day. Be cautious before moving ahead. I see a lot of fire elements in these cards, so there are lots of energy, lots of movement, and excitement, but make sure you don’t burn yourself out. As I mentioned in the beginning find balance.

This is a month to let your inner child out, play and have fun. This may be a month spent with family a lot, or this is a good month to connect with family. I see happy times with loved ones. Feeling very loved and supported by the people around you. Also, learn to appreciate your loved ones and the ones who are dear to you.

Romantic connections, or intimate connections may struggle, or there may be a disconnect. This may be a month to work on building a stronger bond or learn to let go and move forward. This is a month to dream big, fill your imagination, and get creative. This may not be the month of logic and facts, but the time to fill your world with imagination, and dream.

This is a month to think about the stories you are telling yourself. What are our dominating thoughts? Do these stories uplift you, or bring you down? Let’s keep the ones that raise you up and lose the ones that bring you down. You could be creating a bigger story, than what it is. This may be a good month to get grounded, be practical, enjoy the beauty of the earth you are living in. Step out in nature, enjoy a scenic view. Indulge in something you enjoy that builds you up.

This month is a time to practice patience. Live day to day. Enjoy the moments you are living. This is a month of replenishment. A month to recharge and refresh oneself. Is that to be in nature? To connect with loved ones? Pursue a passion? To allow your inner child out? Or to let your imagination run free. Whatever you do, recharge, refresh, relax.