Waking Up Early Benefits

Rise and shine! Lets get an early start before the busyness ensues. There are many articles and videos about waking up early. It is the new craze, but this craze has its benefits. I can say waking up early has been beneficial for me in many ways.

Now most say 5 A.M is the best. I usually wake up at 6 A.M, but both can be good, depending on what you are capable of doing, and what is best for you. It is all about the individual.

It can be difficult for some to get up early. Most people prefer to wake up just in time to get ready. People want as much sleep as possible, but most people don’t realize that by doing that, it makes you more tired, and if one does that, they are most likely not getting the sleep they need. If you wake up earlier. You are most likely going to sleep earlier, and get the rest you need.

Getting an early start has wonderful benefits for your mental and physical health. I will list below the benefits. Maybe this will give you some motivation to try early morning starts.

  • Cultivates mindfulness and productivity-Now that you have the extra time in the morning. You can get more things done, and be more mindful. Journal, meditate, exercise,etc…You have the most energy in the morning. Your cortisol levels are at its highest in the morning, which makes you more alert and focused. This is why if something needs to get done. Morning is the best time. It is also gives you that time to sit, ruminate, and relax before you start your day.
  • Eat healthier-Well, now that you have the time, and you are not rushing out. You will most likely have time to make something healthier, rather than getting a quick unhealthy meal when you are rushing to get things done, or get to work. This also goes for having the time to pack a healthy lunch as well.
  • More time to relax-Early starts gives you time to relax in the morning, and at night. I usually have an extra hour in the morning to sit, and relax before I start my day. This also gives me time to relax at night, because I have more time in the morning to get things done, which gives me time at night to relax, so that I can ease into bedtime much better. Melatonin levels rise at night, which can make it difficult to be alert, and active at this time. It may be more difficult to be productive at this time. Take that time to relax, read, and be mindful.
  • More time to get things done-Your day stretches when you wake up earlier. More stuff can get done before the sun sets, and you are set for the day. Ready to relax and rest.
  • Better rest-If you wake up early, you will most likely go to bed early, which gives you more resting time. As I mentioned, waking up early gives you more time to get things done. If you are doing many things at night. It will be difficult to get the adequate sleep that you would like. Being active at night will make it difficult to transition to bed time. Staying up late will make it extremely difficult to be active, alert, and productive the next day.
  • More Alert-I have to say, this has been one of my favorite benefits of waking up early. I was someone who needed coffee before work, but now barely need it. Now that I am awake an hour, and half before work. I am ready to start work.  I am more energized. I am no longer tired going to work. Your body takes awhile to wake up. If you get up later, it will take later for your body to wake up, but if you get up earlier. You will have that time for your body to wake up before you start your day.
  • More organized-Waking up early gives you the time to plan, and organize your day, week, or weekend. You don’t have to rush around like a maniac. You can have a plan for the day, so things won’t be too stressful.
  • Exercise-Cortisol levels are high at this time, so morning workouts can be the best, and it gives you a great start to our day. Exercise can give you the boost you need to have a more productive, and enjoyable day.

Now this plan is best for people with morning jobs. Not sure how it would work for people with night jobs, since their circadian rhythms are different. Nights are normally for rest, but industrialization has changed that.

If you do plan to wake up early. It is best to have a plan of what you will do in the morning. Usually I do some mindful journaling, then work on some variety puzzles, then do some brainstorming for the blog, then meditate, or do mindful exercises, sometimes I listen to some music. Having a plan, or something to do will give you more motivation to start. Another note, staying off SNS/Email is best. Those distraction may not be beneficial.

It is also best to start in increments. If you are not used to waking up early. It will be hard to just wake up an hour or two earlier, if you are not used to it. You may want to start waking up 10 minutes earlier each day, until you reach your goal time. Now this may not be for everyone, but from my experienced it has been very beneficial to my productivity, and mindful path.