April Guidance

This is the month to balance the scales, seek justice. Try not to allow emotions, or subjectivity to rule over you. Be objective. See things for what it is. It is important to see both sides of a situation. There could be a lot in store for you this month, a lot of activities, or duties for you. Try not to do too much or take on too much.

There could be lots of exciting things in store for you, but it is important not to overwhelm oneself too much. Take things step by step, day by day. Be cautious before moving ahead. I see a lot of fire elements in these cards, so there are lots of energy, lots of movement, and excitement, but make sure you don’t burn yourself out. As I mentioned in the beginning find balance.

This is a month to let your inner child out, play and have fun. This may be a month spent with family a lot, or this is a good month to connect with family. I see happy times with loved ones. Feeling very loved and supported by the people around you. Also, learn to appreciate your loved ones and the ones who are dear to you.

Romantic connections, or intimate connections may struggle, or there may be a disconnect. This may be a month to work on building a stronger bond or learn to let go and move forward. This is a month to dream big, fill your imagination, and get creative. This may not be the month of logic and facts, but the time to fill your world with imagination, and dream.

This is a month to think about the stories you are telling yourself. What are our dominating thoughts? Do these stories uplift you, or bring you down? Let’s keep the ones that raise you up and lose the ones that bring you down. You could be creating a bigger story, than what it is. This may be a good month to get grounded, be practical, enjoy the beauty of the earth you are living in. Step out in nature, enjoy a scenic view. Indulge in something you enjoy that builds you up.

This month is a time to practice patience. Live day to day. Enjoy the moments you are living. This is a month of replenishment. A month to recharge and refresh oneself. Is that to be in nature? To connect with loved ones? Pursue a passion? To allow your inner child out? Or to let your imagination run free. Whatever you do, recharge, refresh, relax.

February Guidance

This may be a month to not be too overly passionate, try not to burn yourself out. It is a month of balance, moderation and compromise. This is a month to tune into oneself, into your life journey and path. Look into mysteries of oneself and the world.

This is a month of taking chances, and that any obstacle you face, it can be overcome. You may even want to take on a challenge. There are lessons for you spiritually this month. You have power within yourself, this is a month to empower oneself. Get guidance from others, or if you have guidance, share that guidance with others.

Recognize there are two sides to a story, there are different perspectives, not just your own. There can be two truths and two falses. Things are not black and white. You may have some setbacks and failures, but these are lessons in life, this will help you grow.

You may feel lost and disconnected, maybe a bit disappointed. Try not to get stuck in your head, or lost in your own world. Gain clarity, get perspective. Become aware of reality and the truth. Try not to wallow in self-defeat. Have confidence. Find strength. You can get through it.

There are many wonderful gifts you have. There is beauty within yourself. Allow all your beauty and gifts to shine. Do not hide your gifts. You may be shifted in a new direction, but it is necessary for your self-growth. You may be able to pursue all the things you want and desire. You may not be able to pursue your passions, but in life we can’t always get what we want, or desire. Count your blessing. Appreciate the things you do have. There are always things you do have.

January Guidance

Some things to focus or be aware of this month.

A month of investment. Invest in family. Invest in the future. Focus on getting your needs met. This month we may struggle to tend to ourselves and love ourselves. We got to learn to take care of ourselves, so that we can tend to others.  You may struggle to support others and give them attention, that can be due to not being able to care for ourselves. You may feel disconnected from others. Relationships may struggle. This month may be a time to work through your relationships with others. Work on miscommunications. Figure out if this person is right for you. Self-love and bonding are important for this month.

It is time to be more focused, logical and rational. Look at seeing things for what it is. Be strategic, build structure.  Work on fixing the problems in your life, rather than wallowing. There will be disappointments. You may feel down in the dumps. You may feel the need to disconnect. There could be a sense of apathy, and not caring for life and the people in it. Maybe disconnection is what you need, so you can work through your emotions. It may be the month to take control of your life, be the owner of your life. You may not be able to control everything in life, but you can work on the things you can control.

There are our delusions and there is the truth, time to seek the truth of the situation. Every challenge is a lesson learned. It isn’t fun to have challenges in life, but it is a disservice to us not to take something from the situation and make changes. This is a month of getting your material needs met, but also learning to declutter anything that isn’t worth much to you. Own what you value. Keep what you value.

This is also a month of love and appreciation. Work on self-love and work on loving others you hold dear. There are opportunities and possibilities out there for you this month. Find it and take it. It is a new year, so time to switch things up and change your perspective on things. It may also help to work with others. If you have a job that requires that, this is a great time to work on team chemistry. Although you may be great at your job, the help of others can be beneficial.