Create More, Consume Less

I don’t just mean be creative and create things yourself. I also mean create moments and experiences you enjoy. Sit with your thoughts and let your creative imagination wonder. Create solutions to problems. Create goals you like to achieve. Create something you want to do in the future. Creating is your time to shine.

Consuming inspires us, but there should be more of a balance of inflow and outflow. I know there will be times you want to consume more. I am sure I will, but this is just a bit of inspiration and a reminder to create more in your life. The weather is getting nicer. A good time to be creative outdoors and explore.

Stimulation Detox Day

I decided this week that I would take one day (Saturday) to not use any social media platforms. I mostly use Youtube, so that was the platform I really wanted to stay away from. I just wanted a day to myself, to allow my thoughts to shine, and to do other things, rather than scrolling.

It was quite interesting not having that outside connection. I sometimes felt alone, and it was scary just having my thoughts, but it was a very welcomed discomfort. I think it is important to feel some discomfort. I did have an urge to go online to watch something I thought of, but it was short-lived.

Having a day of no social media gave me the opportunity to do other things I wouldn’t normally do as much, like read and listen to music. It was a nice change of pace. I will say, it doesn’t necessarily make me any less productive being online. I get the same amount done off social media, and on it, so I realized my productivity is still the same, that just show I am determined to get things done, and nothing will stop me, so that was nice to know.

I did realize you do still find other things to distract you when you don’t have social media to do so, for me it was music, and sometimes a book, but I liked the change of pace, and doing something different. This gave me an opportunity to read more and listen to more music. I was also able to dance around, and move my body, rather, than just sitting in front of a computer all day.

I was able to sit with myself more and be creative and imaginative with my thoughts. I will say I thought I would have more insights than I had, but interesting things did pop up. It is interesting the type of thoughts that come to you when one is reading. I didn’t sit with myself as much as I wanted though. I focused more on my tarot, reading and listening to music, but I definitely did sit with my thoughts more without social media.

Overall, it was a nice experience. I did not get bored whatsoever. I realized there are other things that can entertain me. I did have a bit of discomfort, and felt a bit isolated, but those feelings are all bearable, and the feelings go away pretty quickly. Also, they are much needed feelings to have. It is good to sit with those feelings. We need space to be alone with ourselves. We should learn to be with ourselves and to be more mindful.

After this experience, I decided this will be every Saturday thing. I think it will be nice to have a detox day to clear my mind and be more mindful. To give the thoughts I have space, and to give myself space to be me with no other people’s opinions or thoughts invading my space, well except the few people I am around, during that day, and the Authors of the book I am reading, but it okay to have a few, but when you have hundreds of opinions coming at you through social media it gets too much, so I need a break from that. And this allows you to live more mindfully and slowly. I honestly think this is something everyone should try, if not once a week, just something you try once at least.

I don’t want to quit social media all together, because it does not really affect me negatively, the platforms that did that, I left, I really just use Youtube now. But I did want a day away from that platform as well, so thought I would try this. It is nice to get a different perspective on life when you avoid social media for some time.