Self-Care Reminder Post(Lazy Day)

There will be days when you lack the will to be productive, and just want to do nothing. Today was that day for me. My allergies got the best of me this morning, which made me just want to sleep. My mind couldn’t get in a creative flow, and my body was weak. These were signs that I needed to chill and relax today. I felt a bit guilty that I couldn’t write, but quickly recognized that a day of doing nothing is necessary from time to time. Your mind and body need time to recharge from time to time.

Being busy and productive isn’t necessary all the time. The hustle culture is great, but we need space to chill from time to time. If you are not feeling it, and I definitely wasn’t today, than you shouldn’t force yourself to do something. If it is constant, than I get it, you got to get moving, but every once in awhile, you got to give yourself the space to chill. There will be some guilt, but your mind and body will appreciate the day off, and it can help rejuvenate oneself for the next day. In the long run it can be beneficial.

Be kind to yourself, and allow yourself a day to do nothing if your mind and body tell you to. I truly appreciated this chill day, and in the end I did find something to write about. Now let me get back to watching some Kpop videos haha


Remember to take care of yourself. That is the most important thing you can do.



Benefits of Self-Care:

  • Prevent disease and illness
  • Make you feel good
  • Help you be more productive, engaged, and connected
  • Help you to eat to satisfaction but not to stuffed
  • Make it easier to maintain your weight
  • Improve your longevity and quality of life

‘Increasing research suggests self-nourishing practices can prevent or reduce the duration of colds and the flu, improve recovery from cancer treatments, promote focus and attention, and much, much more'(The Importance of Self-Care).


  • Meditation
  • Self-Message with oil
  • Enough Sleep-7 to 9 hours
  • Fun-Do things you enjoy
  • Intuitive Eating-Listening to and responding honestly to the body’s cues of hunger, satiety, a need for more nutrient-dense foods, or negative reactions to sugar, coffee, processed food, wheat or dairy has numerous benefits. It strengthens and reinforces the mind-body connection, it makes weight management easier, and frequently leads to eating healthier, which contributes to better brain function.
  • Body Brushing-Using a natural bristle brush over dry skin can improve lymphatic circulation, allowing more toxins to be moved and cleared through the liver or skin. Overtime, daily skin brushing can also reduce the appearance of cellulite and lighten PMS symptoms.
  • Yoga