Self-pity is an emotion in which one feels self-centered sorrow and pity toward the self in regards to one’s own internal and external experiences of suffering.

Self-pity can be completely internalized whereby you view it as part of your identity to be continually unfortunate, incapable and sad.

When self-pity is made into a habit, it not only stunts our self-worth, but it also creates self-destructive cycles of self-sabotage.

I found myself spiraling into a space of negativity today. I am mentally exhausted, and I have to work 12 hours today. It made me think of self -pity, and how I am doing it to myself at the moment. I don’t like it. I do not like feeling sorry for myself, it does me no good, so I decided to switch the script.

As a believer, that you create your reality, or that one can shift their brain’s focus. I did not want to focus on negativity. I decided to work on my positive affirmations. Telling myself, “You got this.” “You are strong!” “You are not tired.” I am tricking my brain to focus on the more positive aspects, or to look into my strengths.

Instead of telling myself, “it will be a long day, it will be rough.” I am telling myself, “Today will go by fast, it won’t be that bad.” I just don’t want to go into the loop of negativity, it just makes things worse. The only way I can get through it better is to lift myself up, instead of pitying myself. I could be in a much worse situation. I know a lot of people don’t like hearing that, but that is the Ego talking. It likes to be self-centered. Believe me things could be worse. If you think of how things could be worse this also help alleviate your sadness or need for self-pity. We are strong and resilient creatures.

We have gone through lots of trials in our lives. I have seen worse days, and I will most likely see worse days after this. This change of perspective has really helped lift my spirits up. This shows that you really do create your reality. This situation is there, but how you perceive it is what matters. This situation also helped inspire me to write something, since I have been trying to figure out what to write next, but my brain has been foggy, but this all just hit me, and I felt an urge to write about it, and share this message with you. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel if you are willing to go through it.