Embracing the Blues

I have been feeling down this past week, so I thought a post about embracing down times would be appropriate. I was inspired to write this, while I was feeling down. The wonderful thing about down, challenging, and tough times. It can invoke inspiration and creativity.

Today may not be a good day. You may not feel positive, happy, talkative, or in a good mood to entertain others. There will be days like that.

Life has its ups and downs. These times are the downs. It is okay to feel this way. It is life. Don’t feel guilty for being sad, or down. You don’t always have to be happy.

Just try not to let the negativity consume you. That can lead down a dangerous path. Just go with the motions, and remind yourself that things will get better. You will move past this, like the many other times. Immerse, and keep moving.

You can try to do things that bring you joy, or comfort. You can also look into the specific thing, or things that are bringing you down. Write them down. Look at the specific problem, or problems. Become aware. See if you can solve what is bothering, if there is an answer to the problem, or is there another way to look at the issue. Take a different perspective. It can help to understand, and accept what is bothering you.

Embracing sadness is healthy. The problem is when it lingers. When the negativity is persistent. Occasional sad times is perfectly normal. Life isn’t perfect, and neither are you. It is okay. There is nothing wrong with feeling down.

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Image result for embracing sadness

Keep Negative Emotions From Consuming Your Life

With Mindfulness practice, you can learn not to let negative emotions consume you. Anger, fear, sadness, greed, jealousy, envy, anxiety, loneliness are just a few of the many negative emotions an individual has in their lifetime. We can not stop from feeling these emotions, but we can learn to control how much they affect us. You will get sad, annoyed, upset etc., but it is about how much you let those emotions build to where it causes distress and misery.

      Whenever you feel any of these emotions. Take a step back, sit with the emotion, accept what you are feeling, and remember the emotions will eventually fade. The first step is to become aware of the emotions you are feeling. Awareness is important. After becoming aware. Identify what is upsetting you. You should try not to attach any positive, or negative emotions to the feelings. Try to look at the situation in a non judgmental way. When you are able to do that. You will be able to see the reality of the situation.

     We tend to attach negative thoughts to these feelings, which creates more negativity, misery, discomfort etc,. We also react, rather that stepping back, which can lead to guilt and regret, and that creates more tension. It is all about controlling how much these emotions affect you. You may not have the power to stop these emotions from happening, but a mindful approach can help you stabilize the emotions where it doesn’t get out of hand.

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Rainbow of Life

We got to take the good and the bad. Embrace all colors of life. Both good days and bad days will come and go. We want to hold on to the good days forever, and let go of the bad days as quickly as possible, but it is the bad days that make us who we are, and it can make us stronger than ever. It is how we handle bad days that is key. Sometimes great things come out of those days.



Losing someone or something you love is something that can hurt us deeply. It is something we don’t want to see happen, but unfortunately in life losing someone/something is unavoidable. As it is unavoidable it is best to find ways to cope with a loss. There will most likely be sadness, and in some cases depression. Your thoughts will be filled with lots of negativity. I had a lot of negative thoughts when I experienced a recent loss, although this person wasn’t a close loved one. They had some impact in my life and it was sad to hear of this person’s passing. I just saw the bad and negative things in life. This is quite normal with grief. One thing you should know that you shouldn’t feel guilty or shame for being sad. I preach happiness, and yes, we should strive for happiness, but losing a loved one is tough, and sadness will happen. The best thing is not to push away these feelings, or use defense mechanisms, like alcohol, drugs etc. Avoiding your sadness is not going to help you get through this tough time. We must learn to understand our sadness before we can move on. It is not a fun feeling being sad, but we have to learn to allow our emotions to go through the process of grief. I had many mixed feelings, and lots of questions. I also let out a couple of tears, which is okay as well. We are told we need to get over it, and be happy, but losing someone or something is hard, and we have every right to be sad. Once we are able to ruminate over our thoughts and feelings during this time. That is when we are able to eventually move on and get back to as normal as we can. Avoiding our sadness will not help us move on. The sadness will persist, and you may even get addicted to those unhealthy defense mechanisms to keep you from thinking about those thoughts and feelings. That will only have a negative impact on you. You should find healthy ways to cope and help you progress towards a normal life.

I was able to find music. After being sad for two days. I decided I didn’t want to be sad anymore. I ruminated over my sadness, but now it was time to get my life back to ‘normal.’ I decided to listen to music. I listened to songs about loss at first, but realized that wasn’t helpful, then I moved on to inspirational music, and that really helped me change my perspective on things. It made me see the good and positive things in life. That is when I was able to get back to ‘normal’ and become happy again. Meditation was also helpful. It helped me deal with my thoughts, and put me in a state of peace and relaxation.  Now we all grieve differently, and have different ways that can help us cope with grief. You have to find ways that can help you. It can be writing, drawing, reading, dancing, exercising etc. Anything that can help you deal with your emotions and get you back to ‘normal’ life. Talking to others who can relate, or who are going through what you are going through can be helpful, but there may be times when you just want to be alone and not be bothered. That is okay as well. Just as long as the isolation doesn’t go on for too long. Support groups can be helpful as well. I just want to say it is okay to be sad, cry, want to be alone, lay in bed, stay home. It is okay to grieve, and you should take as long as you need to grieve, some grieve longer than others. We are all different and no one should tell you how, or how long to grieve. Now grieving is healthy, but there is a point when it can lead to depression. If the sadness persist for a long period of time, then that is when professional help is needed.

I put normal in quotations, because after a loss your life is never the same. It won’t be as normal as it was, but it will be close, and you may even learn something, and come out stronger from this experience.



Embracing Sadness

I know I spoken about having a positive mindset, and being happy. We should definitely strive to be happy. That doesn’t mean we are not allowed to be sad. Sadness is something we can not control.  There will be times when we will get sad. We should not try to avoid, or push away our feelings of sadness. We should learn to embrace sadness. When you embrace sadness. You can learn and accept your feelings of sadness. Using defense mechanisms such as, drugs, alcohol, denial etc., does not get to the root of why you are sad, but learning to embrace your sadness will help you discover why you are upset, and that will help you come up with solutions to help you get over your sadness. It is also okay to cry, and vent to others as well. Do not keep your feelings in. It is not good for you mentally, or physically. Even if you don’t want to vent to others, or don’t have others to vent to, try to use another outlet to let your thoughts out, like a journal, or blog. Speaking to a therapist would be another option. Also, to the people who don’t have people to talk to. There are plenty of forums, or support groups to join that can be an outlet for you. You can also let your thoughts out in an artistic way-writing, composing music, poems, drawings, photography etc. Just think about how much better you feel when you are able to let your thoughts and feelings out. It is very therapeutic. If you feel the need to cry, then go ahead. Do not feel ashame to do so.

We as a society only like to embrace the bright side, the light. We want to run away from the darkness. We should realize that in the dark there are things to discover and learn that can make us stronger. Take in the light and the dark, the yin and the yang. Sadness can lead to depression, but that is only when one tries to avoid, and push away the sad emotions. Remember embrace, learn, and accept. This mindset can lead you to the happiness we all strive for, but while you wait, don’t be afraid to be sad, cry, or get upset. Do not listen to anyone who says ‘don’t be sad,’ or ‘get over it.’ You have every right to be sad. It is perfectly fine to be sad. Learn to embrace both happiness and sadness. There is always a need for balance.