Do Things You Enjoy

This post was inspired by a spontaneous walk/day in the park I decided to do on this beautiful day. I had the day off for an interview, which can be pretty stressful for me. I decided afterwards to go to the park to relax my mind, and enjoy the rest of my day. It was a nice way to calm my mind, and not think of the interview too much.

I was able to take a two hour walk, and then just sit with my blanket, while listening to music, viewing the scenery, working on some writing, and doing some word searches. It was a really nice time to just sit, relax, hear the sounds of birds, and the wind, smell the fresh air. It just made me realize how little things like these bring joy to my life. It doesn’t have to be too extravagant. Little things like this spark joy.

Even though the morning was stressful. I was able to relax, and enjoy the rest of my day. Life can be a struggle, and stressful, but making time to do the things you enjoy makes a difference. Always try to find joy in life. The little things do count. It is something we all need for our well-being, happiness, and peace of mind.  There is joy in life. You just got to find it.

These are pictures from of the view, while sitting. I go here a lot, but there is always new experiences every time I go. I hope you all have a wonderful day, or night. Try to find some joy, and enjoyable things to do.