I spent 5 days at home, due to my feet bothering me. Most of my time was spent not doing much, but watching Youtube videos. Those days were quite dull and boring. My life just fell dull at that point.

Once I started working again. I realized being productive and facing challenges made my life more interesting. We fear challenges, but it gives life more meaning. Some sort of resistance creates growth, which is important to the meaning of life. Someone mentioned life is about purpose and growth, and I agree with that. Work gives me purpose, and allows me to grow, and learn as an individual. As well as my creative work, since I wasn’t doing any of those things. I felt a bit of emptiness.

Being productive and active gives me a spark. It cultivates excitement and joy. I face challenges at work, but the fact that I am productive allows me to keep moving forward. I lost my will to write, during those days, but once I got back to it. My will to write came back, which improved my level of fulfillment and joy. I was glad to get back out there, work, and connect with others. Being able to connect with others was also another factor to my happiness level.

Being productive is good for our mental health and happiness. Being passive can create comfort, and creates less resistance. It is easy to sit, and let information come to us, but it isn’t ideal for us in the long run. It will eventually create feeling of guilt, boredom, dullness, discomfort, or sadness. When we aren’t doing anything of value. We need growth and purpose to continue to move forward. That growth and productive stimulation is needed to spark our daily lives.

A Day of Mindfulness,Productivity & Adventure

This post isn’t about anything specific. I usually have a theme to my post, or an idea. I thought I discuss my day yesterday. It was quite a lovely day yesterday. The reason for the lovely day was I decided to use that day to be mindful, productive, and adventurous.

I spent my Friday off from work at home on my computer most of the day. I decided I didn’t want to do that again the next day. I planned for a more mindful day. I would stay off the computer, and live in the moment.

I started my day by being productive, I went to the gym. Did some grocery shopping. I normally do this on Saturdays, so this was nothing new. I went home had some breakfast. I did some more productive things, like clean the kitchen, and then I organized my room, which needed some much needed attention. My room looks so much better. I feel so much better seeing how more organized, and clean my room looks. There was a nice sense of accomplishment when I did this.

After that I decided to be mindful. I did some writing, journaling, reflecting, and some meditation. I have to say that was my best meditation session I had in awhile. I felt so peaceful and relaxed afterwards. I finally gave myself the time I needed to get a good session in. Giving yourself the space, and time to do it can be helpful.

After that, I was ready to go on my adventure. I decided to go hiking at a place I enjoy. It was a beautiful day, sunny, and blue skies. It wasn’t too hot, or cold. A great day to be out. It was an enjoyable hike. It had nice scenery, and it was also a nice workout with the hills it had. It was nice to sit and look at the scenery, and hear the sounds of nature. It was quite beautiful.

Once I was finished with my hike, and got home. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. I was happy to just enjoy life, and live. It was nice to just focus on myself, live life, and enjoy the present moment. I felt such calm, ease, and peace after the wonderful day I had.

The day inspired me to write this post, because I felt moments like these should be shared. Days like these are what life is all about. The simple things like these can bring so much joy, and peace to your life. I say we should all try a day of mindfulness, productivity, and adventure every once in awhile. Peace, inspiration, motivation, joy, happiness can all cultivate from doing this.

Below are some lovely photos from my adventure.

Finding Balance

With anything in life there needs to be balance. In this post, what I am referring to is the balance of production and consumption. Production is anything productive, creative, skill-based one does with their time. Consumption is anything we consume( books, informative material, entertainment).

I think both are essential in our daily lives. Too much of either can be detrimental to our well-being. I tend to feel bored, lazy, and unaccomplished if I consume too much. I also feel drained, exhausted, and burned out if I am too productive. You also don’t get to enjoy the wonders of life.

This is why having a day of production and consumption can be helpful. You need both to help you grow, learn, challenge yourself, but also remembering that life is short, and we should try to enjoy the things we love in life.

You can go and have a day of production and consumption. The one thing you should learn is to balance the two. Trying not to overindulge in one or the other. Your mind and body will appreciate the balance.

When I am home I like to mix both things. Do some productive things, like write, clean, organize, create content I like. I also throw in some consumption by watching kpop videos, informative videos, read books, or watch some hulu. It is nice to mix things around. It keeps things much more interesting, so that you don’t feel lazy, or drained. Finding the best of both worlds is key.

There is accomplishment in being productive, and there is joy in consuming. You don’t have to choose one, or the other. Doing things that helps you grow is rewarding. It is also nice to just relax the mind with enjoyable content/entertainment. It is all about finding balance.

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Make Your Days Off Productive

Ah, our days off are wonderful aren’t they?, or maybe they are not, maybe they are too short, well they might be, but that could mean our days off are not being used wisely. The time off is our chance to be productive, and work on ourselves. We have the time, energy, and freedom to do so.

There are three ways to make use of your weekend. It can be spent doing nothing, lounging around, not really getting anything accomplish, maybe sleeping most of the time. This can be quite a downer on your mood, and energy. It may make you feel guilt and less accomplished.

It can also be spent being busy, getting a lot of things done, which can be overwhelming, exhausting, and create tension. Most people tend to do these things on their days off. It would be nice to try some productivity, during those times.

Being productive doesn’t mean busy. Being busy is doing lots of stuff you may not want to do. Being productive is doing things that benefit oneself physically, mentally, emotionally and personally. It may also be things you enjoy doing. Doing this can make your days off much more enjoyable.

My days off consist of going to the gym, practicing yoga, working on my language skills, writing, reading, cleaning, and learning new things. I have had positive benefits from doing these activities, because it makes me feel I have done something useful with my time off. Days off are our time to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves.

Our work days are spent on someone else’s time, some may have jobs they don’t really enjoy, and some work very hard during the week. We don’t really get time to ourselves, but our days off give us that time, so it is nice to use it for ourselves in whatever way we can.

Being productive makes the day more enjoyable, and exciting. It makes you feel more engaged, and active in the things you are doing. It promotes creativity. It puts more focus on yourself, than others. It kills boredom. It makes you feel accomplished. Overall, it makes you feel good about yourself, and cultivates a more positive self-image. I also like that it can rejuvenate and energize oneself to start the new work week. I always feel refreshed, and ready to go for the new work week. Monday blues is no longer a problem for me. Your first day back doesn’t feel so bad anymore.

Some tasks may be difficult to start. Writing these blogs are tough for me at times, but I know once I finish I will feel good about finishing the task, because I know it is beneficial for me, and others. It may not be easy. It may be easier to be lazy, or do lots of mindless things, but the end result of a productive day off will bring much more joy to your life.

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