Dive into Stillness

My days have been filled with distractions. Creativity and ideas has been blocked. Space and stillness is needed for new ideas to form. It is hard to sit still. Our ego wants to be entertained at all times, but we need to reduce the ego’s power. Get back to a place of peace, ideas and creativity. Ovrrstimulation does nothing for us.


Growth is important for our well-being. Growth is about advancing, developing, evolving, changing, etc,. This is important path of our journey in life.

Stagnation, comfort, and safety can only get us so far. It keeps us comfortable, but it also keeps us down. It allows us to settle. This cultivates boredom, lack of accomplishment, sadness, regret, among many other things. This is a path you most likely don’t want to follow.

Growth gives us opportunity, new challenges, and new adventures. Getting out of your comfort zone, doing new things, challenging yourself can help develop oneself as an individual. It can help you become a better you. And that is what you want in life to become a better you.

Growth can help you learn. It can be motivational and inspirational. It has been motivational and inspirational to me. I say all this, because I believe growth is pertinent to our well-being. The feeling of accomplishment from overcoming a challenge is a wonderful feeling, even trying is wonderful.

Learning a new skill. Doing things you never done before can be quite a rush. It is all about developing your skills and mindset. Settling, staying stuck, being comfortable can only get us so far. Nothing can happen from stability.

Having a mindset on growth can push you to overcome obstacles, challenge oneself, learn about oneself, gain knowledge and experience, build confidence, and build character.  It all starts with you and your willingness to grow. We must ask this question. Do I want to stay stuck, or do I want to move forward?

Just remember whatever obstacles, or challenges that are ahead of you to grow. There have most likely been worse challenges you have gone through. We all have gone through many challenges in life, and we are still here. This is just another challenge.

It will be scary at first. Just remind yourself that it will get easier with time. Anything new is scary at first, but the hard part is the beginning. After that, it gets better, and you will start to see growth. Remind yourself to stay positive. This will be a great learning experience. You will gain more than you will lose.

This post was inspired by my new job. It is pretty scary right now, but I know once I get the hang of it. Things will get easier and better. I know this will be the growth I need in life. Being afraid, and avoiding doesn’t get you to where you need to be. You got to try to keep pushing to grow.

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Positive Habits Checklist

As I mentioned before in another post. Building positive/healthy habits is important for our well-being. To keep up with these habits. I created my own list of habits I like to maintain.I just wanted to talk about my positive habits checklist I like to refer to daily to keep me in check with my habits. I like to list the positive/healthy habits I like to do on paper.

This list helps motivate myself to keep working on these habits. It shows what I have been maintaining. It also shows which ones I need to work, or improve on. Having the visual of the habits on paper helps keep me on track.

The list really helps me to continue working on these habits, and pushes me to improve on the ones I don’t do often. I usually like to go through the list, and put a check mark on the ones I did. The ones I don’t check shows me what I have to work on, and I try to put my focus on working on those habits.

It also gives you a visual of what habits are easier, and what are most difficult for you. For me, yoga, healthy eating, and drinking water are the easiest, while meditation, and reading are the most difficult. It shows what habits I have been able to integrate into my daily life, and what habits I need to learn to integrate into my life. It is nice to have this visual handy.

I like to look at the list in the morning and evening. I check in the morning to see what is unchecked, and work towards those habits. In the evening I put a check mark on all the habits I have done. This shows me what I need to work on the next day, or during that week.

The reason I am discussing this is because positive/healthy habits can be difficult to maintain for most. Writing a checklist can be a helpful to keep one on track. It helps keep you focused on your goals. It keeps you on task. It gives you accountability. If you like to start building healthy/positive habits. Making a checklist can be a start. This can give you the awareness you need to start the progress.

I usually just write my list on a piece of paper, but if you like to do something more creative with your list if you are a creative individual, than go ahead. I am pretty simple. Whatever can help push you to work towards a healthier, more positive lifestyle is all that matters.

Below is my list of habits I try to maintain. I have added a couple more to my list recently. These habits have been very beneficial for me on my mindfulness journey. There a lot more positive/healthy habits out there. It is about what you would like to work on. We are all different. Just find what habits are best for you towards your growth, and well-being.IMAG0166



I am going through a change in my life right now. This change has inspired me to write the post below. This may be something I like to remind myself. Hopefully this helps you in any way.

Change can be uncomfortable. It is comforting doing things you are used to. Growth can only be obtained by change, something new, or different. It can get boring doing the same thing.

Challenging yourself can be interesting and exciting. Not knowing what to expect can be nerve-wrecking, but doing something new can help improve yourself, and your life.

Try not to fight change, or avoid it. We must learn to embrace it, so we can grow. It may be difficult at first, but it will be beneficial in the long run. We must try to think of the long-term effects when it comes to searching for a better way of living.

Change, growth, evolving is an important, and much needed part of life.

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Ways to Expand the Mind:Road to Personal Growth/Development

Life is a journey. Full of exciting experiences, struggles, and all the things in between. Gaining knowledge, perspective, and insight is another wonderful part of our journey. I think it is an important part. Learning and growing as an individual can help you know more about yourself, and the world around you. It can cultivate happiness, peace, excitement, and content.

Practicing mindfulness has helped me grow, and develop as an individual. There are many ways to help you develop as a person, and enhance your mind. Our minds are powerful tools, so we must try to utilize it as much as we can.

I have a list of a couple things that has helped me on my journey of growth, and that could be helpful to you. It may get you thinking of some ways that can help you. Maybe you have some other ways that help you. It is always important to keep growing, learning, and improving yourself.

  • Learning/doing something new-This one is an obvious one. New gives us a different perspective, a fresh outlook, a start to something else, adding value to our lives. It is rejuvenating, also can be stressful for some, but once it is done, it is quite an exciting experience.
  • Reading-My grammar, creativity, and knowledge of the world has been enhanced by reading. There are always new words I pick up from reading. I always feel a bit more knowledgeable reading a book.
  • Find new recipes to cook-I love food, so finding different recipes to make is fun. It is also nice to look for healthier meals that benefit your body and mind.
  • Going somewhere new-There is a lot out there in our world. Exploring new places is quite an experience. It is sometimes nice to get outside your bubble. Creativity, perspective, and knowledge can be enhanced from going somewhere new. You may also experience, or see something different, and novel visiting somewhere new. It is also rewarding knowing I went somewhere different, even if it scares me.
  • Meditate-I learn more about myself, and how I can cope with life when I meditate. I learn patience, and how to sit still in a busy world. In the end, it brings me to a state of peace, happiness, and calm.
  • Practice Mindfulness Exercises-Mindfulness helps you see the world in a different light. There is always something new when practicing mindfulness. These exercises help me gain perspective, and insight to myself, my emotions, and the world around me.
  • Watch Educational/Informative Videos-I enjoy learning new things about the mind, and the world. Their is a lot of information out there. Enhance your knowledge.
  • Learn a new skill-Anything new you like to learn, try it! Having many skills is a plus.
  • Work on developing you skills-Working on, and improving skills you already have can be beneficial as well. There is always more to learn.
  • Challenge Yourself/Getting outside comfort zone-Going to new places can be a challenge, and uncomfortable for me, so that is what I try to do to challenge myself. Whatever may be a challenge for you, try it sometime! You will feel good about yourself accomplishing it, and you will learn more about your potential, and what you can do.
  • Variety puzzles/Word Searches-These can definitely improve your knowledge, vocabulary, math, logic etc.
  • Journal-I learn more about myself, my journey, my improvements, and my goals through journaling.
  • Working on healthy habits-This can pertain to food habits. Figuring out different ways to exercise that is right for you. You can also find healthy habits that help the environment. It is a nice feeling knowing I am doing things to improve my physical, and mental health, and also helping the environment. I have recently been trying to eat healthier, and reduce my plastic intake.

I am sure there are plenty of other things that can help you grow, but these are ones that pertain to me on my journey. Hopefully some of these can work for you, or can give you an idea of what you can do to expand your mind, and yourself.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Thanks for reading.

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