Finding Stillness

I just want to remind you that we all need a bit, or more of stillness in our lives. What I mostly mean by stillness is mindful stillness. Away from the distractions, noise, busyness of the world. Being in the moment. Doing something that can rejuvenate the mind and body.

Stillness is a difficult concept for most. We have the need to keep moving, or keep busy. Our minds are always buzzing, full of thoughts. We don’t like to be still, because it gives us time to think. People like to avoid their thoughts. But sometimes facing our thoughts. Allows us to become aware of them, which helps us to understand them, and then accept them. This helps us to move on.

I always enjoy finding stillness throughout the day, even five minutes of it can be helpful. It may be difficult to do, but the peace, and calmness that come from it is quite rewarding. I also like to challenge myself to do something that can be uncomfortable. I always need this time to recharge, and gain energy. There is so much freedom in stillness time. The freedom to just be you, the freedom to be, the freedom from constraints of the world.

I like to take a couple of hours to be still. What I usually do that incorporates stillness is sometimes actual stillness, which is meditation. I do a couple of different meditations. Sometimes I close my eyes, and focus on my breath, trying to allow my thoughts to flow. Sometimes I do a body scan, focusing on each part of my body. I also do mindful observation, focusing on things around me. Another one is mindful appreciation, finding appreciation of the things around me, or the different parts of my body.

All of this allows me to focus my energy on the moment. It allows my mind, and body to relax. It gives me the space to appreciate myself, my life, and the things around me. I don’t think most people give themselves that space to do that. It isn’t easy to do this, and thoughts will still come. This can deter people, but you have try to continue to bring yourself back to the moment. It will happen.

I tend to like the challenge of doing this. It is something many can’t do. It shows the strength of my character to continue to practice this, and it is a wonderful thing. It also strengthens patience. Many like to rush through life, sometimes getting upset, angry, or anxious. I was like this. Meditation reminds you to to slow down, and not put so much energy on rushing, or forcing things. Giving yourself  a minute to do this can make a difference.

Another thing I do is mindful stillness, as I mentioned in the beginning. This one is easier to do. This is just being in the moment. It can be any activity away from computers and phones. Recently I have been drawing. I am not the best, but it is fun to try. I also write, and read some inspirational things, during my mindful stillness time. You aren’t exactly still, but still in the moment. When I am immersed in a mindful activity. I don’t necessarily focus on the time. It actually seems to fly by when I am being mindful. It happens when you are immersed in something you enjoy. Time isn’t important, and that is key, since time can sometimes trap us. It can force us to rush, and be busy, and become anxious.

Stillness can be a beautiful thing if you give it a chance. It cultivates motivation, determination, and creativity. It shows you what you are made of, or how strong your will is. It teaches you about yourself. It gives you the space to work on your goals, improve your self, and learn. I learn more about my thoughts and my body, during this time. I learn about my character, personality, and goals through stillness times. It helps strengthen my character, skills, and creativity. This helps me focus on what is important. A lot of good things can come from stillness.

I just like to have a bit of stillness in my life, because the world is full of distractions and noise. Those things can easily cloud the mind with negativity, and it can exhaust the body. I like to give myself the space to clear the mind, and rejuvenate the body. Most people ignore this space, and it is a shame. There is so much to learn from this experience. Try to give yourself that space, even if it is for a couple of minutes. You may enjoy it, and maybe find the peace you need.

Silence goes along with stillness, so I wanted to post these words from one of Mindful books. I thought it went well with my post. Lets try to be still as much as we can in this noisy, and busy world we live in.IMAG0242


Lazy Sundays/Falling Into the Negativity Trap

This post is more of a personal experience I had a couple of Sundays ago. I thought I share my experience, and what I learned from it through mindfulness practice. I hope it can be helpful for you if a lazy day comes into your life.

Good old lazy Sundays. This is the one day I don’t do much. The day I like to relax, and chill the most. That can also lead me to fall into laziness and distractions. Sundays tend to be the day I get lazy, and distracted the most. I tend to scroll more, and continuously watch Youtube videos. This type of thing isn’t good for my mentality and peace of mind. I always feel so drained after doing this. But for some reason I find myself getting caught in it. It is just such a simple trap to fall into.

Saturdays I usually have a plan. I am more productive. I just like to get more things done on Saturdays. I accomplish more things on that day. Then Sunday comes, and I feel I can relax. I just don’t want to do anything. This can be a problem, because it makes it easier for me to get lost in distractions. It is Football season, so it makes it even more easier to get lost online, scrolling through comments about the game. Comments online can bring me to a negative state, and they can also annoy me, which brings my mood down. But I keep scrolling online. I continue to go on Youtube, and watch mindless videos of kpop, which also gets me, because I tend to scroll through comments there, and on Twitter. Watching kpop videos is enjoyable, but too much of anything isn’t good for you. The negativity, and numbness just piles on.

Thankfully with practicing mindfulness. I was able to become aware of my actions(awareness is always key in mindfulness). I thought to myself, why am I letting other people’s opinions bother me? Why does it matter? It isn’t that serious? None of this was providing me benefits to my well-being.

This is when I was able to pull back, and step away from the negativity. I do this whenever negativity gets too much. I decided to turn off my computer, and to be mindful for the rest of the day. I needed my peace of mind back. So I decided to do some mindful and productive things. I decided to work on my healthy meals plan. I always try to eat mostly nutrient based foods now, so I like to have a plan. Then I was inspired to write this post, so I did my rough draft on paper, like I always do. Creativity and reflection tend to seep through, during mindful and quiet times. I always love that part.

After that, I proceeded to meditate, and then read. It was lovely getting back to the silence. I still get lost in distractions every now and then. And that is okay, I am human, we all are human. If things like that happen on your journey. Try not to beat yourself up about it. As long as you are aware, learn, and try to make changes. That is all you can do. Mishaps will happen. Mindfulness is a learning process, and it isn’t simple.

As long as I, and any one who practices mindfulness has the awareness. It can help set anyone free from any negativity traps that comes our way. Always try to remember to bring yourself back to the moment. You will get lost, but you can always bring yourself back. Sometimes I will fall into the trap, but I also realize I am human, it will happen. Instead of blaming myself, or having negative self-talk. I practice self-kindness. As long as I am able to step away when I need to is all that matters. You can also do this as well. Disconnect, go to the quiet, get mindful. Your mind will thank you for this.

The Sundays after that experience has been different. I try to balance mindful time with moments of online time. I started drawing and coloring, which has been a fun mindful exercise to try. Just doing the things I can to be in the moment, which brings me joy and peace. I hope you can all try some things that can bring you back into the moment as well.IMAG0225