No Need to Rush(Live in the Moment)

I realized how fast I want the week to go, so that the weekend would come, but the weekend comes, and that time flies by as well, then the cycle begins again. We are now already in April of the new year. Time flies. I am already anticipating my adventures for the summer. I keep looking forward, but not living mindfully, and in the moment.

The moment is precious, but I and many others take it for granted at times. We continue to look forward. Rushing through the days, and then realize how time flies. The years, the weeks, and the days go by fast. I can’t just look forward to the weekends, that is only a couple of days out of the year. I got to try to enjoy each day of the year. Trying to embrace the moment as much as I can. I need to step back, pause, and live in the moment.

Yes, work can be difficult at times, but that doesn’t define my whole day. There are moments connecting with coworkers that are enjoyable. There are also moments before work that can be enjoyable as well. Life is too precious to just focus on the weekends, or special adventures. Although I can look forward to my summer adventures. Those moments are far off. The future isn’t here yet. Life is unpredictable, and nothing is set in stone. I need to appreciate the moments now, rather than anticipate the future that doesn’t exist yet.

The moment is now. Your life is now. We are all guilty of rushing. It is part of our nature. It is good to anticipate something in the future. It brings us hope, joy, and excitement, but our focus should be in the moment. Trying to make the best of what is right in front of us.

I no longer want to rush through the week. These are 5 precious days you can’t get back, so I will try to make the best out of these days. We all should make the best out of all our days. Remember your work days are longer, than non work days. Those are a lot of days to rush over. It will be the end of the year sooner than you know it.

Just try to relax, step back, and live as mindfully as you can. Enjoy the little moments. Make moments to enjoy. Try to find little joys within these days. Lets try patience and going through the motions. There will be bad times, dull times, exciting times. Some days suck more than others, and there are days we will like to rush over, that is understandable. You can use those days as a learning experience. Not everyday will be exciting, fun and full of happiness. We should try not to make a habit of rushing through everyday, because time flies faster than you know it. The only time you are truly living is in the moment.

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Positive Self-Talk

“Positive self talk isn’t about knowing all the answers or thinking you’re amazing, it’s simply about reframing how you view things, removing negative bias, and approaching life with the idea that you can tackle things – and even if it doesn’t go perfectly – you’ll learn from it for next time”(

I was watching a video from this amazing vlogger Psychologist Julia Kristina Counselling (if you like motivational/self help videos, please look into her.). She mentioned something about positive self talk. I just wanted to post something about it, because I think it is very important what we say or think to ourselves. Having a more positive self-talk can allow us to be more compassionate, accepting, and appreciative of ourselves. It can allow you to learn and accept your flaws, rather than using it against yourself. It can allow you to be more confident, and more willing to take on challenges and accept failures. It can also allow you to push ourselves to success and to reach our goals.

In an article What is Positive Self-Talk? (Incl. Examples) by They mention some interesting things about negative and positive self talk that I like to put here for some perspective.

Negative Self-Talk

“Our patterns of self-talk are all too often negative – we focus on preconceived ideas that we’re ‘not good enough’ or ‘always a failure’ or ‘can’t do anything right’. Our brains are hardwired to remember negative experiences over positive ones, so we recall the times we didn’t quite get it right more than the times we do. We then replay these messages in our minds, fuelling negative feelings (Jantz, 2016).” Negative self-talk focuses on our flaws and weaknesses and doesn’t accept less than perfect results. Failures and mistakes are unacceptable. We beat ourselves down if it happens.

Positive Self-Talk

“Positive self-talk, as you may have guessed, is the flip of negative self-talk. It’s not about narcissism, or deceiving ourselves into thinking things that are inaccurate. It’s more about showing yourself some self-compassion and understanding for who you are and what you’ve been through (Jantz, 2019).”

“Positive self-talk sees our internal narrative switching to ideas like ‘I can do better next time’ or ‘I choose to learn from my mistakes, not be held back by them’.” Positive self-talk allows you to focus on the good qualities and strengths of oneself and learning to accept and be kind to yourself if mistakes or failure happens. It lifts you up and allows you to stand up against challenges.

Reminder that our thoughts are not based on facts, they are perceived. We tend to become what we think. If we see ourselves in a positive light we can gain much from this. We can build from it. We can become better individuals. We can learn to take on whatever challenges come our way. If you see yourself in a negative way. You can self sabotage, remain stuck, and never move forward and grow. There is no learning from this state. It is much easier being negative towards oneself, but easier isn’t always better for us, and our well being and happiness. Taking steps to have more positive thoughts about oneself can allow you to be the person you want to be, allow you to reach your goals, find success, have more happy days, rather than sad ones, move forward much quicker, and have peace of mind. You can’t really argue against that right?

Positive Self-Talk - The Pathway 2 Success


We Are Our Own Individuals

I can not stress this concept enough. I mention a lot in my posts how we are all different, and our own individuals.  We have our own journey in life when we are achieving our goals, finding happiness, and fulfillment.

I do try to give you the tools, knowledge, and strategies to a healthier, mindful, and more fulfilling life. But I only provide the foundation. It is up to the individual what they want to do with that information, or if they want to try something else, or incorporate something into it.

I try not to say words like,”should,” “have to”, “need to,” “must.” I prefer using “try this,” try that.” These words aren’t as forceful, and it gives the individual the freedom to choose what they want to do. No one likes to be belittled, or told what to do. We are adults, and should have the freedom to choose the path we want. Autonomy is important to an individual.

I just like to motivate, inspire, and invoke thought in others. You may agree with what I write, but you may not sometimes, and that is okay. My path is not your path.

I don’t always agree with the motivation people I follow. Even if I don’t agree with them, I do respect their opinion, it is their path. It does still make me think, and allows me to see a different perspective on things. The thing is I still get something out of their words, even if I don’t agree. I may even put my own twist to it.

Now there are things we should, and must do. Exercise, eat nutritional foods, sleep, drink water, and find a work/life balance. These things are pertinent to your physical and mental health. Even though these are pertinent to your well-being. It is still your choice if you want to do those things.

But when it comes to practices to a more mindful, content, and fulfilling life. It is up to you which direction you will like to go. What motivates you more? What brings happiness to your life? What goals do you want to achieve? What mindfulness strategies work best for you? What coping strategies work for you? The answer is within the individual, and what direction they choose to go.

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Focus on the Journey,Not the Destination

Whatever goal you like to achieve in life.It is a good idea to keep your thoughts away from the end goal. Try to enjoy the journey.

We don’t know the future. We put this idea in our minds that happiness, or the life we dream of will come out of it. The thing is you don’t know if anything will come out of it. Its the future, it is unpredictable.

What you do know is what is going on in the present moment. We should try to embrace the moments in the now. You are in the now. The focus should be on the journey, the steps you are taking to achieve your goal/goals.

Be proud of the steps you are taking to achieve your goal. Be proud that you are taking the steps to achieve your goals. Not many do so. If you are not able to enjoy the journey. You will most likely not be able to appreciate the destination. Happiness can not be obtained this way.

Try not to focus on how long it is taking. We all have our own timetable. Just see it as time to learn, and grow as an individual. We all like to grow, and develop as individuals. This is your time, embrace it.

Rushing through life will not bring happiness. How can one enjoy life rushing, and focusing on the destination? How can one truly live like that? Life is short, try to enjoy the ride. You will get there eventually, or you may not. Either way, you were able to enjoy the journey. It was a learning experience. You were able to do something new, and challenging. That is the wonderful thing about life.

Try to focus on the present. The present is where you live, where things happen. The future is an illusion. A life created by your thoughts can lead to negative emotions. I know, I entertain them at times. You just have to try to remind yourself that what you are doing now is what is most important.

We as human beings always want to grow, so reaching your destination isn’t always the greatest. It just means we will search for another destination. This is why happiness, or the life you dreamed of does not cultivate from your destination. Remember that happiness comes from within.

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I always enjoy getting inspiration, if it is from others, from nature, or from my own self-reflection. I get a sense of motivation from inspiration. I think we all need inspiration in our lives. It helps us learn more about ourselves. It helps push us. It helps us think, and reflect on who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. It also help us understand others, and the world around us.

I can always learn something new. I can also learn to see things from a different perspective. Inspiration cultivates healthy/positive habits for me. I gain healthier habits from inspirational people, experiences, and things.

It is nice having your own ideas, but your ideas normally come from somewhere, maybe from your own actions, from your experiences, or from others. Listening to others opinions on life cultivates new insight to things I didn’t think of. Most of the time it inspires my own work.

Inspiration from others, and life experiences gives me new ideas, and a fresh perspective. It can also confirm my own thoughts, and expand on them. It is just a wonderful feeling to read, listen to, or experience something inspiring, and motivational. It creates a sense of understanding and meaning. It makes you creative, and reflective.

I believe inspiration is needed in our lives. It helps us to see the light, open our minds, to see a different perspective that we may not see on our own. Inspiration is one of the great beauties of life. It benefits, and brings positive energy to our lives. There were many things I was able to do, due to inspirational writings and videos giving me that push to learn about myself and life. So whenever you can, try to find inspiration, in whatever form feels right for you. It can help promote a positive lifestyle, and help you become a better version of oneself.

I just like to acknowledge the wonderful Youtube vloggers I follow that help inspire my work, and life style habits. I always enjoy listening to their thoughts, and expanding my own ideas with it. If you like to look into more inspirational people. You may want to look into them.

Amy Landino



Pick Up Limes

Another source of inspiration is communicated with friends, family, or coworkers. Connecting with others, hearing their stories can inspire my work. Also, my own experiences can inspire me as well. Inspiration is all around us. We just got to learn to acknowledge, and incorporate it in our lives.

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Food For Thought Post/Remind Yourself

Try not to stress out. You will get through the day. Things will work out. Life is a bumpy road. We should try not to plan for things to be smooth. Plans fall through. Things may not always go your way. It is a bummer and downer, but it is part of life. Remind yourself when things don’t work out like you planned. That things like this happen in life, and you will figure things out.

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Food for Thought Post/How to Perceive Everyday

Try not to see everyday as just another day, but see it as another day to grow, learn, and work on your goals. Everyday should bring something new and enjoyable. Make your days something to look forward too, not something to dread.

This mentality can promote a positive, and happier state of mind. It is all about perspective, and how you take on the day. Working on your goals, learning/doing something new, and doing productive things that help you develop as a person are things that make your day a lot more exciting.

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Find the Calm

Reminder to try not to force, or rush things in life. Be mindful and try to be present. Forcing things just cultivates stress, misery, sadness, and many other negative emotions. Things won’t come into place stressing about things. It can only happen with a calm mind, and being present. Remember, things can only get done in the moment. The past has passed, and the future has not happened. The moment is yours to take action.

Things don’t always happen when you may want it to happen, or as fast as you like. Don’t get down on yourself if things are not happening as you may like. The only thing you can do is try, and go with the motions.

Just remember to relax. Give yourself a break. Don’t work yourself too hard. Life is too short to live it miserable and stressed. Do things that can bring you happiness, and calm you. Rushing throughout the day isn’t always the best thing for your peace of mind. Trying to force things into place will only upset, and anger oneself. Just allow things to flow, and learn to enjoy life. I hope you all have a mindful, relaxing, and enjoyable day!

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Utilize a Mindful Approach to Step Away From the Ego

The ego is the conscious, thinking mind, the sense of self within us. It is created to protect ourselves, it is fear based, it is self-centered. The importance of the self, and the need to protect ourselves can push us away from a mindfulness approach.

The ego can be a negative force.The ego only perceives the perspective of the individual as truth.  It cultivates a need to be right, to be perfect. It creates close-mindedness, selfishness, apprehension, ignorance, bigotry, hate, anger, sadness etc… The ego keeps us stuck in the past, and keeps us looking on to the future that has not happened.

This is why a mindful approach is important to pull away from the ego. When you practice mindfulness, one is able to break away from the ego, because one is able to see the full truth, and focus on the present moment. Learning to live in the moment. Learning to see the reality of oneself and life’s situation. One can step away from the ego’s control, and become more calm and peaceful mentally.

The ego is powerful, and can easily consume a person into negativity. Be mindful, and learn not to fall into the traps of the ego. It will pull you into a world of negativity.