Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is a statement that reflects a positive, empowering, and uplifting belief or attitude about oneself, others, or the world. Positive affirmations can be simple, short, and specific, such as “I am confident and capable,” or they can be more detailed and personalized, such as “I trust in my abilities and am worthy of success.”(Berkelywellbeing.com).

Others are “I am beautiful/handsome. People love me, why wouldn’t they!?” Know your worth and value. “There are awesome traits about me, why wouldn’t people like that? and if they don’t, that is their loss, not mine. They are missing out. They don’t realize my amazingness.” This is different from being conceited, you are not above others, but it is a reminder, they are not above you either. We are all equal.

I have been doing this, and it has changed my perspective on things. It has made work so much more bearable and has made me more happy and joyful towards others. I don’t come into work with my head down, dreading the day. I believe it will be a great day. I tell myself I will have fun; time will go by fast. That my coworkers are a joy to be around. This has helped the work week go by much smoother and quicker.

Now this is different from toxic positivity. Crap will happen, things at work will suck, there are struggles, but if you keep telling yourself. ‘I got this, I am strong, I am killing it,’ through those down times, it helps you push through. It will allow you to deal with crap much more easily. There were times I would get upset when I was overwhelmed with work, now I think, ‘man I have a lot to do, but hey, this keeps me busy, and I am awesome, I will get this done in no time, or it will get done, I got this.’ Man, does this work wonders for me, and it can work for you. 

Now that I see my coworkers more positively. I am more open to talk to them, and joke with them. I see more positive sides to them. I am actually more helpful, and work more as a team as well. When you build a wall, or tell yourself you are a loner, it just distances yourself from others, because you train your brain to believe it, but once I told myself, I enjoy my coworkers, I like them, they are fun. This allowed me to open myself up to them, and this broke the wall I had, and allowed us to connect more easily. When you believe, you act it out. This creates a ripple effect in your world to a more positive reality. When you emphasize the positive, you will see more of the positives, and vice versa, if you emphasize the negative, you will focus more on the negatives. 

When I would go into work dreading it, thinking about wanting to go home, it just made the day worse, and the time dragged on. Now I say, ‘I like working, I would just be bored at home, here I get my exercise, I would be just sitting at home.’ This helps me enjoy the good aspects of work, rather than focusing on the number of reasons why I shouldn’t be there. ‘I am making money here. I won’t if I am at home.’ You train your brain what to focus on. Affirm, and you will receive.

Mindful Message

We are all on our own journey in life. We are all powerful. We all have special gifts to share. Focus on your journey, less on others, less on comparisons. Your time will come if it is what you really want. Everyone’s path is different, no one is the same. You create the reality you want. Focus on you. Focus on your power. You are all the validation you need, once you validate yourself, others will follow. Lift yourself up, and others will follow. Your path is your alone, of course others will join you, but you should learn to lead it yourself. Be inspired by others but live your life for yourself. Your experiences are your alone. Recognize your power.

Mindful Post 2/27

Being in the moment brings inner peace and comfort. Let go of some of the busyness that keeps you trapped. Let go of the past and future for a moment. Just be. Let thoughts flow. Let emotions come and go. As I am immersing myself in the present moment this morning. I feel quite at peace and free. I am just enjoying what is happening right now. I hope you all have a peaceful mindful day.

Mindful Message 2/17

The situation is what it is, but how one approaches it makes all the difference. You can allow the situation to consume you, or you can find little joys within the situation. Find some blessings, or things to appreciate. As I have to work this weekend, it is easy to feel frustrated, annoyed, and angry. I am annoyed a bit, but trying my best to stay positive, and count my blessings. This will pass, life throws you challenges. It is all about how one handle’s the challenges that come your way. We should remind ourselves; things/situations in life don’t always go how we want. We work through it, count our blessings, and move forward. It can be hard not to get stuck in a bad situation, we are human after all, but allowing the situation to put us in a dark space doesn’t necessarily benefit us. We must try to seek joy, the good, the blessings within the storm. This can help bring peace to one’s life.


Journaling is a powerful tool, why is it? It can make you aware of your thoughts. Seeing your thoughts on paper gives you clarity. It can also be therapeutic and help you through times of difficulty. I was upset about a certain situation, so I decided to journal, after doing so I felt so much better. It is like I put my thoughts and feelings out there and released it on paper somehow. Like once I put it on paper it is released out into it, and it is no longer bottled inside of me. That is how I feel. I feel a sense of relief after I journal. Also just seeing your thoughts, allows you to look at it from an outside perspective, which makes it easier to gain clarity on the situation. We all have a portal to the universal knowledge of the world, so journaling can help you gain knowledge about yourself, your life path, and help you get answers to whatever difficulties, problems, or struggles one may have. I sometimes lose track of journaling, but when I do, I realize how powerful it can be.

Create Moments/Experience Life

I revisited this old post I made of Create Moments/engage with the world. Today I do not feel like going to this concert. It will be very cold, and I just want to stay in my warm home. But as I reflected on it, I felt it was important for me to go, and create a moment/make an experience.

Mundane days and normal routine days are not memorable, there aren’t lessons learned. There is no room to grow. But getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing life is what sticks to your memory. Going to the concert and spending time with loved ones is a great experience. It is something fun to look back on. The cold weather is unfortunate, but I can bare through it. Being a bit uncomfortable is part of life, and we should walk into it, rather than avoid it. We should step outside the confines of our normal lives and live a little.

If I try to look back on my daily work week routine. I won’t remember much. Although comfort is nice. It is a bit boring and forgettable. These moments outside your normal routine are what sticks. I like to look back at more moments that stick. Monday through Thursday will be days I will forget, but this Friday will be a day to remember. What will happen? An adventure, a challenge, a fun experience? Who knows, but it will be an experience. It is cold, and I like to make any excuse to stay home, but I won’t. I like to live and experience life.

Mindful Time/Mind Cleansing

I just sit here, listening to the rain sounds, looking outside the window, the barren trees, the birds flying, the cloudy skies. I look at my plants surrounding my space. I take deep breaths. I am immersing myself in the moment. There is a sense of appreciation. I have risen another day.

The morning time is my absolute favorite time of the day, for others it is the afternoon or evening, but for me I thrive in the morning, this is when my mind is the most active and alive. This is the easiest time for me to be mindful and present.

I use the first couple hours of my day, after I wake up to be present and mindful. I tend to my plants, I do yoga, I meditate, I pull some tarot & oracle cards for myself, and then I read. This allows my mind to cleanse. This brings me peace. This allows me to find peace, before the business of the day consumes me.

I try not to fill my mind with negativity and nonsense as I wake up. I allow my own thoughts and opinions to have a say first. I don’t want to be clouded by the outside world just yet. Giving myself a little me time. Putting the focus on myself first. We should all try to have a bit of me time throughout the day, if you can, especially when your mind is the most active. This sets my day up very well. Have a mindful day everyone, much love.

Make Something Out of Challenges in Life

I recently experience a difficult situation. I have thankfully moved past it, but at the time it was hard. After the experience, I really wanted to make something out of it, and learn from it. I think it is a wasted opportunity to not make changes, or make improvements when life hands you a challenge. Challenges are lessons to be learned.

I had to rearrange a lot of my stuff, because they had to fix our carpet. I realized I had too much stuff. This situation taught me things can easily be lost, or damage, so I decided I need to rid myself of things I had too much of. I have now decided to put a couple of things on my no buy list, this includes, clothes, books, tarot/oracle cards and notebooks. It made take a more minimalistic approach to things.  Collecting too many things is too much when it can easily be lost. Attachment does create suffering. I was stressed about all the things I could lose, but if I lessen all the things I have, the next time won’t be as stressful.

I think it is nice having less things. I can go through my clothes with so much more ease. It has pushed me to finally go to the library and rummage through all the collections of books they have there. This situation has given me an appreciation for what I have now. It also showed not to spend too much on things, but rather on experiences.

During the time I was away from home, while they were working on my house I came to this conclusion. I need to switch my mindset to how to take on this challenge? What can I do to improve my living situation? This is a test the universe and maybe my soul has given me. I see there being 4 stages. Resistance, depression, acceptance, then resilience, then learning. Take something out of a difficult situation, make something positive out of it. I am now in a better place, and I am much stronger for going through what I went through. The experience does suck, but the aftermath can benefit you in many ways.

Personal Growth

Is about learning about your shadow self. Looking at your flaws, and recognizing that it is part of you, and that is okay. We are a working progress. Trying to be perfect, or being perfect is impossible, but improving and being better is.

Growth is about facing fears. Part of growth is about challenging yourself and doing things you may not want to do, but may need to become more resilient and a better version of oneself. Awareness of your good and bad traits is important for our journey of growth.

We strive to reach higher heights. We are always searching for more. What is my life purpose? What more can I do? How much higher I can go? We are always on a journey to improvement. It is important to recognize your dark side. By doing this, it helps you confront your demons, and allows you to work on them. We all have flaws. We all have room for improvement.

We shouldn’t be judgmental or critical of ourselves, and others for that matter. Remember everyone has room to grow. You are not alone. Life is a journey. Life is hard. We are here to learn, to improve, to face challenges, and grow.

Be kind, be compassionate, be gentle to oneself. Working on ourselves, and through our struggles is hard, but with baby steps you will see improvements. The first step is awareness, and you can move forward from there.

There are still things I am working on, and I will continue to try to improve these flaws, or bad habits. Remember, we can never be a perfect being. We are not here to be perfect. We can try to strive to be a better version of ourselves. If we fail, we keep trying. All you can do is try. The effort is what matters. Effort will lead to success in some form or other.