Habits That Keep Me At Peace

It can be easy be in a negative place in life right now. I choose to be in a more positive space. How I do this is by creating habits that help me stay in a more positive space. Negativity is all around us, but I and you should try to figure out ways to combat them by putting our energy into a more positive mindset. I like to discuss the things that keep me in a more happier and peaceful place. I think we should all create habits that help keep us in a peaceful place. There is enough negativity out there, lets bring in positive vibes and peace.

  • Appreciation-I like to focus my energy on the things I appreciate in life. I have enough things in my life that I appreciate. When I think about all the good things in my life. I feel a bigger sense of happiness. When I am down, and recognize there are things to appreciate in life. It helps me out of that funk much sooner. I have really made an effort lately to focus on the good, and it has helped me in a positive way.
  • Laughing-Being around people who make you laugh, joking, and having fun with others is very important for your overall happiness and well being. I enjoy having a good laugh with friends. It is important to have fun in life, and to not be too serious all the time. Have a good laugh with friends. Watching something funny. I am sure it can help you feel much better. It definitely helps me.
  • Connecting-Talking with loved ones(family/friends) can be very helpful for me. I feel a sense of joy after having a good talk, discussing my life and their lives, and about things in life in general. I learn something new when I am out with friends or family. I think having good chats with my friends or family helps keep me in a better place mentally. We are social creatures. It is important for us to connect.
  • Mindful time-Spending time away from distractions. Giving me space to let my thoughts free. Giving me space to be creative is important for my overall well-being and happiness. This time allows me to truly appreciate myself and the moment. It gives me the freedom to be me.
  • Choosing my emotional state-I can’t control my emotions, but I can control the duration of how long the emotion effects my overall state. I get upset, angry, frustrated, annoyed, sad, but I don’t allow these emotions to consume me for a long period of time. I prefer to focus my energy on the more uplifting emotions. Happiness, joy, appreciation, excitement, tranquility, calmness. These emotions are the ones I allow to stick with me for longer periods, keeping me in a better state of mind.
  • Being a plant mama-Having something to take care of brings me a sense of joy and fulfillment. I also enjoy having them around me. It makes me happy seeing all the plants thriving under my care, okay not all thrive, but majority of them. The fact that I have improved by a lot makes me proud. And I enjoy staring at them every once in awhile. It brings me peace.
  • Focusing on what I can control-Doing this really helps me a lot. I try to put my energy on the things I can control, because if I focus on the things I can’t, it tends to lead to frustration, anger and misery. There is nothing I can do about every situation. No reason to put myself in a negative space when I don’t have to. I find peace putting my energy on the things I can do.
  • Doing things I enjoy-Going out for walks, connecting with friends, eating out, going to the beach, doing yoga, reading, having a picnic. These are some of the things I love to do, so I make an effort to do these things when I can. Doing these things puts a big smile on my face, which makes life much more enjoyable and fun.

All of these habits make my life better, so I try to implement them in my life as much as possible. I think it is important to create habits that can help you live the best life you can live. Life is too short to be miserable, especially when you have plenty of things to be grateful for.

I Choose My Emotions

How you feel is your choice. You may think it is predetermined, or out of your control, but from my experience with switching my emotional state. I believe we can be in control with how we feel. The reason I write this is because I had my own personal experience last week with switching my emotional state.

I had a bad day ay work, I was frustrated and annoyed. I felt the same way the next morning. I just didn’t want to go into work. I was in a bad mood. During my mindful routine. I decided I just didn’t want to go into work feeling upset and down. I decided to switch my thought pattern, and tried to figure out ways to make my day at work better, ways I wasn’t overworking myself.

I realized I put too much pressure on myself that day. I will prefer to go with the flow the following day. I know at the end of the day the work will get done, and if I stay a bit later, so be it, that is extra money for me. I realized I need to do things for myself to make things go more smoothly. It is all about putting things into your own hands. Only you as an individual know how and what to do to make things better for oneself. No one can do it for you. If you think that. Misery will continue to consume your life.

Once I did all of this. I felt much better. I felt more relaxed, at peace, and happier. I was able to be more calm and happier throughout the day. The work day went more smoothly, and I was able to have enjoyable encounters with my coworkers. It is all in how you think that helps shape your emotional path. I chose peace and contentment, rather than anger and frustration. Why be upset? That doesn’t help me. That doesn’t make me feel good. It doesn’t improve my life. I chose the path that makes my life better. This is something we can all tap into whenever we can.

Happiness is a Choice Quotes and Sayings To Help You Choose Joy

Mindset Habits for 2021

It is a new year. It is time to set your year the best way you can. We tend to always set up goals, but I think setting up mindset habits are important as well. I got this lovely idea from the Youtube vlogger Rowena Tsai.

Mindset habits can help determine how well your life goes. It can help determine how peaceful your state of mind will be, or how happy one will be with their life. I decided to start the year discussing mindset habits I like to implement more this year. Maybe these habits can be helpful for you, or it may spark some mindset habits of your own you would like to try.

1.Be aware: Being aware of my thoughts, emotions, and actions has been very beneficial to me, and my peace of mind. Being aware of my thoughts allows me to reframe my negative thinking to a more positive and realistic approach. Being aware of my emotions gives me the opportunity to immerse myself in the emotion, allowing it to be, and to come to an understanding of it, and why I have the feeling. It helps me move on. Being aware of my actions allows me to learn from mistakes, and grow as an individual. Awareness is very important for our well-being. It cultivates mindful living. It cultivates peace.

2.Take control: What I mean by this, is that I have power over how I cope and handle things in life. I have power with how I deal with difficult emotions. I have power over how I cope with adversity. I have power over my thoughts. I may not control what comes to mind, but I can control where it leads. I have responsibility over the actions I take. I have the power to overcome any struggles in my life. Knowing you have control of some aspects in life is a powerful mindset to have. Everything is not out of your control. We are stronger than we think.

3.Find perspective: Reminder, that life doesn’t revolve around me, or you. I like to always see the other side. Whether that be someone with an opposing view, or challenging my own thoughts, and reframing them. It is easy to just focus on things that fit your beliefs and ideals, but you learn and grow from allowing your view points to be challenged. This allows you to come to an understanding, and reduces ignorance, anger, and frustration. I like looking at the other side of my viewpoints. I sometimes realize that their viewpoint makes sense, and I learn to agree with what they say.

This also goes with thoughts. Our thoughts tend to be negative, but learning to reframe them is really powerful. This goes with arguments, disagreements, or dealing with difficult emotions. It is important to look at different perspectives, not just one. Nobody can learn from just one perspective. Don’t just see things from your perspective, don’t just look at the negative. Open yourself up to the other ones as well.

4.Be kind to yourself: Being kind to others is so much easier, than being kind to yourself. I have been very kind to myself this year, and would love to be kinder this year. You are a human being just like anyone else. We all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, we are all imperfect beings. We are also unique beings who have strengths of our own. I know I have flaws, but I also have strengths. I know I have great qualities about me, and that is what allows me to shine. This goes for everyone. Build yourself up, rather than knock yourself down. I will make mistakes, or make bad decisions, but I will still be kind to myself, because I know it is all a part of the human experience. I am not perfect. Treating yourself with dignity and respect is very important.

5.Take in all emotions: This is something I have learned about this year, and would love to improve upon this year. All emotions should be welcomed. Some may be harder than others, but they still should be embraced. Avoiding doesn’t help, it even makes it worse. Learning to just let the emotion be is incredibly powerful. Emotions are there to guide us. We just go to learn to use it to our advantage.

6.Challenge yourself: Definitely something I struggle with the most, but comfort doesn’t provide experiences or excitement. Living is about doing things out of the norm. My most memorable moments are doing things outside of my bubble. I like to challenge myself and do things that create discomfort for me. It may be difficult in the beginning, but once I do it, the easier things will get. It may turn out, as it usually does, to be a fun experience, or a learning experience. It will only help me become stronger, and more resilient.

7.Appreciate Life: Instead of focusing on the things I don’t have. I like to put that energy into the things I do have. Showing gratitude increases happiness and well-being. I don’t have everything, but who needs everything. Everything won’t make you happy. I have enough, and I am perfectly happy with that. You will always want more if you seek happiness from external means. I like to look at the little things that bring me joy. I like to focus on the good in my life.

Most people say this year sucked, because they focused on things they couldn’t do. To me it didn’t. I still got to connect with friends. I became a plant owner. I went on a lovely beach trip. I went on some lovely nature walks. It is all about where you put your energy towards. If you see the bad, life will suck. If you see the good, life is good. Simple concept, but hard to implement.

8.Be creative: I like to work towards my creative side this year. Due to Covid, we are indoors a bit more. This gives us an opportunity to be creative in whatever we are creative in. Creating something is a beautiful thing. It gives me purpose. It makes me feel accomplished. It is rewarding. It also allows you to be more mindful, and in the moment.

I hope I am able to implement these habits this year. I do think they will be beneficial to my self-growth journey. I hope you all have helpful mindset habits that can help you get though the year in a more mindful and peaceful manner. I hope this new year is full of new adventures, new experiences and new discoveries.