Random Mindfulness Thought

I really think it can be beneficial to write down little post it notes, and reminders to help keep on track. They can be positive reminders, motivational/Inspirational quotes/statements, goals, challenges, or thoughts you want to remember.

It is hard to stay on the mindfulness track constantly, and one can get lost, but having these reminders can be very helpful. Having it visually in front of you has a better effect, than just saying these thoughts in your mind. You can post it, or put it up somewhere, or have it near you where ever you are, so you have the reminder on hand if you feel you are getting off track, or you just need a reminder.

I feel it has helped me keep my focus now that I have used these reminders. When you get off track, are distracted, feeling down, or feeling anxious. It is nice to have these reminders around to put things back in perspective.