You Are Your Thoughts and Actions

What I mean by the title is you have control of your thoughts, mindset and actions. We tend to forget this or not be aware of it, but this is important to know for your well being and peace of mind. There are things out of our control, feelings, emotions, the environment, others, the world/universe. We shouldn’t focus our energy trying to change those things, or pushing them away. Focus on your thoughts and actions, what are they doing for you, are they helping you, can things be changed to benefit you. That should be your focus. Your thoughts and actions make you who you are. Just remember you are in control of that. I hope you all try to make the best of the week. Do what you can to bring joy, happiness and peace to your life.

Food for Thought Post

The ego will find a way to trap the mind in a bubble of negativity and misery. It is easy to fall into the trap. Awareness of our surroundings can help center us back to the moment. Always strive to be in the present. It is not an easy task, but it is very beneficial for our well-being, peace of mind, and sanity to try. Living life to the fullest is being present in the moment.

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Take Time Away From Social Media

     Step away from the world of Social media. I have read many articles of people becoming happier leaving their social media accounts, and putting their phone aside. Doing this gives you time to prioritize your life. You realize how much free time you have to do more productive things in life. You have time to run errands, exercise, go for a walk, read etc,. You have time to get things done that you wanted to do. When you step back, you realize how many times you checked your phone a day. It imprisons you, but we can all break free of that cycle! It isn’t easy, but once you step back, you realize how much you don’t really miss it.

     I am writing this, because I recently decided to pull back on my social media/phone use. I barely used my phone today at work. I realized how much freedom that brings. I also realized how much time flew by when I am not constantly checking my phone, and looking at the time. I was just in the moment, and it felt great. I have had a sense of peace, since I pushed back on SNS use. I had more time to read, which I love to do, but barely did, because of my social media use. I have more time to gain knowledge, and expand my mind. Lack of social media use can really allow you to focus on yourself and expand your mind, which is very important. You can benefit physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from lack of social media use.

     Now most people would prefer to delete social media. I choose not to do that, because I do think there are aspects that are beneficial. I also don’t like avoiding things, since it won’t help me overcome my struggles. If social media causes lots of distress and sadness in your life, then it is best to avoid it. I like the feeling of being able to go on social media, and not let the negativity get to me. I feel empowered being able to overcome this struggle. There are a couple of struggles I deal with that I am sure many of you deal with.

     Comparisons are hard to avoid, and is probably a big reason people leave social media. I have done that as well. It is an innate trait in us humans unfortunately. I have a Facebook friend that I went to school with who was able to get a job I haven’t yet. Now I can be bitter, sad, or angry about her posting about her job, or I can take a step back, and realize she did something I didn’t to get that job, and it is her time, not mine at the moment. I also don’t know her real life, and I am pretty sure everything isn’t perfect. I think seeing things differently can change your experience online. This is why I do not see social media as good nor bad. It is our thoughts/perceptions that make it good or bad. It is the people behind the screen that makes the experience good or bad.

     I also can get annoyed, and frustrated by some people’s comments, because I don’t agree with how they see/say things, but once I step back. I realize we all have different points of view on things, and even though I don’t think their way of going about things is the best. Nothing I say can change their opinion on things, so it is best to let it go, and keep scrolling. People can be negative and mean, but it is best not to get caught in it, and keep it moving, don’t engage! I have had a sense of peace and empowerment from being able to do that.

     Another thing is getting noticed/likes. I am sure you thought, why didn’t this post get any likes? It was an awesome post!? I have said this myself, and I know others who have as well. I have known people who took down a post, because it didn’t get enough likes. The amount of likes validate us. It gives me, you, that sense of accomplishment, but how sad is that? People liking a status validating us. That isn’t something that should validate us, it isn’t an accomplishment. All the people with lots of likes, lots of friends/followers. Are they all happy? I can guarantee that it is a big no! The amount of likes doesn’t benefit you in any way. It may even cause stress, because now you have to top that post, or make other interesting posts from that point on.

     One last thing that may be a reason people don’t want to leave is FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out). This is a reason I didn’t want to step a way. I realized once I stepped away, that there is far more I am missing out by being online all the time. There is potential, creativity, opportunities, experiences, and self growth that you miss out on by being attached to social media. The stuff you fear of missing on social media is trivial.

     Now I like Social Media, because it connects me to others around the world that appreciates all the things I love. I also like to share the things that I like with others. The problem arises when there is a need for attention, likes, making comparisons, bullying others, hatred of differences of opinion. I won’t say leave social media, but learn to use it less and more wisely. Don’t get caught up in the attention seeking and negativity. I still struggle with this sometimes, but have gotten much better at handling it recently. It is a process. I will say, if social media cultivates mental health problems-anxiety, depression, addiction-it is best to leave it behind. Just to note, unless it is an addiction or bullying. The problems you may have on social media may not be solved by just leaving, because you are not facing your struggles, and it may spill into your real life, so you should be cognizant of what bothers you, and if it is something you need to face and work on. In the end,there really isn’t a negative consequence to leaving social media, so if you think that is best, then leave it behind.




Five Ways to Recover

Mental Health Recovery is known as “a journey of healing and transformation enabling a person with a mental health problem to live a meaningful life in a community of his or her choice while striving to achieve his or her full potential”(PsychologyToday). In the article Five Common Factors That Foster Recovery From Mental Illness by Psychology Today. They discuss the five ways one can recover from mental illness. Recovery is never easy, and it is a struggle, but these five ways are helpful ways to improve your mental health.

  1. Clinical Recovery-This refers to recovery in a clinical setting. It usually includes talking to a therapist, taking medication, and behavioral interventions. It is important not to just take medication, but to talk to a therapist as well, since medication only alleviates the symptoms. It does not solve the underlying cause of the symptoms. A therapist can help with the real problem.
  2. Existential Recovery-This recovery is to help fill the existential void one has. This usually refers to individuals whom have lost hope, meaning, and purpose in their lives. In most cases it is individuals with depression. Some ways to fill the existential void towards recovery are religion, spirituality, and finding new meaning and purpose in life. This includes volunteering, taking on a meaningful job, or having meaningful relationships. This recovery includes doing something meaningful and fulfilling for oneself.
  3. Functional Recovery-This recovery has to do with being able to function within a society. Many people with mental illnesses are homeless, and unemployed. It is important for recovery to be able to maintain a job, get a house, and maybe even further education.
  4. Physical Recovery-This recovery involves physical health. People with mental illness have higher rates of physical health issues. This includes poor diet, lack of exercise, and use of substances such as, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc,. This recovery can help one adopt a healthier lifestyle by exercising, eating healthier, and reducing, or stopping the use of unhealthy substances. Exercise can be therapeutic in itself, and getting healthy is important, but I am not sure this is a good recovery plan. Bad health is more of a result from mental illness. Unless they improve mentally; I am not sure one can improve their health. One may have to look at other recovery plans before going to this one.
  5. Social Recovery- This recovery plan involves reconnecting in the social world. Having a mental illness can isolate oneself from your social circle. This plan reconnects you with friends and family, and maybe helps connect you with new friends. Being around others, and getting support from others is very important for one’s recovery. This can also include joining a support group. Just having someone there to listen, and make you laugh is therapeutic.


As I always mention, we all are different, and different recoveries will work for different individuals. It is about what is right for you, or maybe more than one can help you, or all. I think these five ways are all great ways to help one recover. It may be challenging, but the end result will be worth it. Your mental health is very important to living a fulfilling and satisfying life.