Seeing the Other Side

I think it is important, now more than ever, that we learn to see the other side. What I mean by this is being able to understand opposing, or different view points of others. Calling others with opposing views, or others you don’t understand harsh words is a simple solution to a more complex situation. People tend to prefer the easy way, make assumptions, make baseless claims, call others names. This type of behavior and language creates barriers, it cultivates hate, division, anger etc,.

Strength, maturity and wisdom is being able to push away your view points, and learn to hear the opposing view points to be able to come to an understanding. I always try to get outside of my bubble, challenge myself, and look further. It is okay to agree to disagree. We all come from different environments and backgrounds. Having the opportunity to listen and see the other side can build a world of compassion, kindness and peace. You can’t understand someone, unless you hear them out. I mean how many times have you made assumptions to find out the truth, and realize you made a mistake with that assumption? I know I have many times. It is comforting to be in our bubble, but we got to challenge ourselves to see the other side. Pushing away different view points does not help you grow. It keeps you stagnant in a perpetual world of ignorancy.

Assumptions are our way of understanding others and the world around us, but it doesn’t mean it is based on facts. It is through our own bias, and those are not facts. We got to open ourselves up to others view point. Judging and criticizing others for different view points is self-centered on the individual’s part. Your way does not mean it is the right way, and they are wrong. We do not think the same. Someone from the city will think differently, than someone from the countryside.

Instead of the harsh rhetoric towards others, which will get you no where. I mean, think about it, would you want to come to an understanding when someone is belittling you? The best way is treat others with kindness, hear them out, and open yourself up to a different world. You may come to realize they have a point in their views. You don’t have to agree, but learning to understand goes a long way. It creates less friction, anger, and tenseness in one’s life. I found so much peace in awareness and understanding of opposing views. I hope you all can to.

I really like the image below. It shows that there can be no right or wrong, just different ways of seeing things.

Maria Koromila on Twitter: "Understanding different perspectives matters  #communication #change #behavioralinsights… "


There is a lot of negativity out there. We must learn to try to spread kindness, compassion, love, and appreciation as much as we can, in any little or big way. It doesn’t cost anything, but it is worth everything to spread kindness to yourself and others.

A little appreciation, compliment, or gesture goes a long way. How did you feel to receive kindness? How did you feel to give kindness? And don’t forget to give it towards yourself. Give yourself a little compliment and appreciation. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Forgive yourself for mistakes. You are human, remember to remind yourself of that.

Appreciate the things you have in life. We barely give appreciation of those things, and people. We put our attention on the negative. It will be nice to put your attention on the things you love. I was at a store, and realized I had access to all these things, fresh water, food etc,. It made me appreciate that I have access to things others may not have.

We won’t have everything. No one does. It is about appreciating what you have. There is something we have that others don’t, and may like in life. Focusing your attention on the positive things, and finding appreciation can do wanders for your mindset and outlook on life. We need to learn not to focus on having it all, but focus on having enough to live a fulfilling life.

Appreciate your life, and what you have in it. Be kind to yourself and others. I am sure you will feel a little more positive and upbeat doing these things.


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