Take A Step Back to be Mindful

The past couple days have been a bit stressful. I have been glued to the screen, seen a bit too much negativity, but I also did see hope for a better tomorrow. I thought today will be a nice day to take a break from it, and get back to being more mindful. It has been really nice these days, so I took the opportunity to step outside for some fresh air, and view the beautiful scenery around me. This walk, along with doing a bit of running, yoga, and some journaling helped put me in a better place mentally and physically.

There will be times when you step away from mindfulness practices, but you can always step back, and reclaim your peace of mind. Journal to get your thoughts out, and confront them. Take a walk outside to get fresh air, and see the beauty of this world. Exercise to get some movement, and strengthen your body, and to increase our feel-good hormones(dopamine, serotonin, endorphins). Practice yoga to stretch and relax the body & mind. Meditate to calm the mind and gain clarity. Work on your goals, and be productive to gain a sense of accomplishment.

If you are feeling a bit stressed or down. Just remember that a bit of mindfulness can help bring you back to a better place mentally and physically. You may fall off track, but it will always be there when you need it. Giving yourself space to be present, and giving yourself space to focus on you is truly important, and something we should remember to do. I allowed too many of others opinions to consume my mind. Time to give my thoughts a time to shine. Always remember to look within yourself.

Finding Joy & Peace

Whatever can spark joy and happiness in your life, however small it is, look for ways to implement them into your daily life. I think it is important to find joy and peace in life however way you possibly can.

As I mention in other posts, work has been a struggle lately. I am exhausted, tired and overwhelmed from work. I don’t always look forward to going, or look forward to the work day weeks. I also don’t want these feelings about work to spill into my everyday life, the times I am away from work. I don’t want negative thoughts and feelings to pervade my life, so I try to find ways to bring some enjoyment to my life.

One thing I enjoy is drinking a cup of Dunkin coffee before work. Coffee gives me energy. It also puts me in a better mood. This helps get me through the work day, and actually makes me look forward to Mondays and Fridays(those are the days I get coffee). It is a nice little treat before work. Any little thing that can bring happiness is all that matters.

I also have been into buying plants. I truly enjoy having them around my room. Just looking at them, brings me joy. I usually go to a plant nursery on Saturdays to pick new ones out. I really enjoy just looking around seeing all the pretty plants around me, and picking the ones that I like. I truly enjoy being surrounded by plants at home. Coming home after an exhausting day to my lovely plants is something that brings life back to me.

One thing that helps keep me at peace is doing meditation before going to work. I try to do a session to calm my mind and body, before I head into the craziness of work. It definitely helps calm me down more. It helps me handle the stressors of work much better. I still get stressed, but not as stressed if I didn’t meditate. It also puts me in a more positive, happier mood going into work. As I mention in my last post, I also try to take deep breaths whenever I feel overwhelmed as well. This also helps.

Some things in life can be stressful and difficult, but not everything in life is that way. There will be times of joy and peace that you can embrace and enjoy when it arrives. It is all about making the time to do so. Be in the moment. We allow our minds to be preoccupied with the bad parts of our lives. We forget to take time to enjoy the good moments.

I work majority of the time. We spend most of our time at work. I get how being at a job you don’t enjoy can be a bummer, but we can’t allow our feelings towards work, or any difficult part in our lives pervade our mind into a negative place. Now I actually don’t dislike my job. It just gets overwhelming. All jobs have stressful parts to it. If you don’t enjoy your work, than it may be time to get out of your comfort zone, and look else where, because as I mentioned, your job makes up most of your life. It can be hard to enjoy life, if you don’t enjoy what you do.

We should try to strive to find joy and peace in life when we can. It is important for our mental health and well-being. It can be something little, something big, or in between. Just find something that can lift you up, and help keep you in the moment. To appreciate and embrace the joys and peaceful moments in life.

Years go by fast, months go by fast, weeks go by fast, and so do days. We are already near the new year. We try to rush by the days(I do this as well), but maybe we can use everyday to find some joy and peace in it. Maybe we can learn from the difficulties of that day as well. We should learn to embrace each day, and take the moments of that day in as much as we can, because sooner, rather than later, the years will have passed by and you truly haven’t lived, or enjoyed life as much as you wanted. Be mindful of the moments in life. Enjoy, find peace, and live as fully as you can.

Give Yourself Space(Little Reminder)

Give yourself space to allow thoughts to flow, creativity to cultivate, to immerse yourself in the moment and to check in with your emotions. It is important to get in tune with yourself from time to time. We live in a busy, distracted world. It is easy to get caught up in it. Finding the calm and silence as much as we can can be good for the soul.

I usually like to sit on the comfy sofa of my living room and just sit there. I like looking out my window. Listening to the sounds around me. Allowing my thoughts to flow through me. I always find some type of inspiration or creative outlet through this practice. This space also gives me the time to appreciate the things around me, and in life in general, also the people. I truly enjoy doing this before going to the noisy environment of work. It helps recharge me for the day.

We spend most of our time focusing on others, but we should remember to put the focus back on ourselves. You may think you are too busy, but anyone can spare at least five minutes to do this. You may be surprised how wonderful the experience can be. So what does giving yourself space cultivate?

  • Ability to be in the moment
  • Awareness and understanding of emotions
  • Self awareness
  • Self-growth
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • Appreciation
  • Clarity
  • Problem solving
  • Recharges oneself
  • inner peace
  • Peace of mind

Finding Peace, Joy & Happiness

These days it can be hard to find the good in life. The media is consumed with negativity at the moment. This is why it is important to step away and take time to be mindful. I went for a lovely walk at a park. The scenery was beautiful. It made me see the beauty and good of this world. The Earth is quite beautiful if you really look at it. Moments like these bring peace, joy and happiness. Find those moments that bring you these things. Our state of mind is very important. We must remember to remain at peace, so we can continue to live the best way we can. I always find clarity, inspiration and meaning through my walks. Nature is truly a beautiful thing.

Take Time For Silence

I spent my morning being in silence(away from distractions), and being mindful. I feel amazing, refreshed, relaxed, and at peace from doing this. Mindful time is good for the soul. I read this passage this morning, and thought it was perfectly timed with my mindset at the moment. I was able to be inspired and creative, while enjoying, and embracing the quiet. It is hard to be inspired with noise and distractions. It is nice to give your mind space to be free.

I wasn’t able to find inspiration recently, but having my mindful time has invoked my inspiration. I truly appreciate this time of silence. Try to give yourself times of silence to clear your head. It is truly a lovely experience. I lacked this yesterday, too distracted, but getting back to mindful silence is a beautiful experience. It is hard to sit in quiet, but once you are able to do so. You realize the beauty of it. Have a lovely mindful day everyone.IMAG0455

Mindfulness Reminder

I absolutely love reading my mindfulness books, because they provide lovely reminders to me, sometimes the reminders are really helpful for me at the moment. Some reminders come at the right time, like this one. I read this one today, and I really needed this reminder. I spent too much time scrolling today. I realized I lacked too much mindful time today. I decided I will stay off the computer, and phone for the rest of the day, and practice mindfulness. I need space to be creative, to be inspired, which I am lacking at the moment.

It is really good to have daily inspirational reminders to keep you on track, and to put things into perspective. We get lost in the noise that we forget to enjoy the silence. Time to unplug, and embrace the loveliness of the quiet. My mind needs it. It is important for our peace of mind to unplug every once in awhile, especially when we had too much noise for the day.IMAG0433

Quote Thursday


It is always interesting what thoughts come to mind when I see inspirational/motivational quotes. My thoughts from this one.

Immerse in the silence and be mindful. There are great lessons learned in silence. Reflection, insight, clarity, and knowledge can be gained from silence. Try not to be afraid of it, embrace it instead.

Now think about what this quote brings to mind from your stand point?

Put Emphasis on You

I just wanted to post about how important it is to focus on yourself. Please try to take time for yourself. If it is meditating, doing yoga, writing, drawing, going for a walk, taking a soothing bath, reading or watching inspirational books or videos, learning something new, practicing mindfulness. I don’t think we spend enough time on ourselves, reflecting on ourselves.

I think writing in a journal self-reflecting can be very therapeutic. It helps us learn more about ourselves. Learning about ourselves can help our mental and spiritual growth. It can also benefit us physically. It is important not to get caught up in society, or social media. That puts too much emphasis on others. It is okay to pay attention to others, but your attention should mainly be on yourself and your growth and development, whatever it is that can get you there, do it. This can be the gateway to inner peace, calm, and happiness.

Putting too much focus on others drives us away from ourselves, which can lead to unhappiness and misery. In this society it is quite easy to stray from ourselves, but you should try your best to center yourself back to you. It is integral for your well-being.

Finding Your Happiness

Happiness is something we all want in life. If someone asks what do we want in life. We will most likely say happiness. How we define happiness is different for all of us. It is hard to describe what it is. The one thing I am sure of is we should learn to find happiness from within ourselves. We should learn to put ourselves first. That may sound selfish, but it is not selfish at all. Being happy is very important.

Happiness within ourselves can spread happiness toward others. If we are happy, this can benefit us in our careers, relationships, and family life. Being happy gives us an opportunity to see things more clearly. This all starts with looking within ourselves to find what makes us happy, and doing exactly what makes us happy. We tend to put others before ourselves. Sacrificing our happiness for someone else’s happiness, and that is not how one should live.

Being happy allows oneself to live to their full potential. It allows you to achieve your goals. It creates many opportunities. Happiness goes hand in hand with a positive mindset, and as I mentioned in my previous post. Positive thoughts cultivates many opportunities for oneself in life. We seem to think that we have to live our lives for others, and yes we should give to others, but to give to others fully. You have to start by giving to yourself first.

Even if you do something for yourself for 30 minutes to an hour a day. That gives you an opportunity to seek happiness. We all have something that makes us happy. For me it is writing for this blog, gaining knowledge, viewing nature, meditating, or mindfulness.

Some like to draw, write music, write stories, dance etc. Whatever it is that makes you happy go ahead and do it! It will benefit you greatly to make time for yourself. The more love you have for yourself. The more love you can give to others, this includes your spouse/partner, friends, children, family members etc. Your happiness can spread towards them. Your life should not evolve around another. If you can find someone else to do things that make you happy, great!, but it is also great to do things on your own as well. Whatever it takes to do things that makes you happy, you should try to do it.

I do believe that attaching oneself to a person, place or object to find happiness is not the way to find happiness. Happiness must come from within. Only you can make yourself happy. Do not give a person, situation, or object power over you. Think about it, if one of those things go away, what happens? You become upset, sad, and depressed. This causes unhappiness.

I am not saying all those things can’t make you happy, but it should not be your sole reason of happiness. Do things that make you passionate, or help you learn and grow, or gives you purpose. These things is what makes you truly happy.

Material things and objects are great, but they don’t last, and the happiness for those things fade. There are many things I bought that made me happy for the moment or for a bit, but after awhile, I got tired of it. One thing that I will never get tired of is my love for learning, or my love for Psychology and helping others, or going for a walk in nature.

These things are true happiness. So go out there and find what truly makes you happy, and go do that. Your happiness is most important. It should be valued. Take care of you first, then you will be able to take care of others in the best way possible.