February Guidance

This may be a month to not be too overly passionate, try not to burn yourself out. It is a month of balance, moderation and compromise. This is a month to tune into oneself, into your life journey and path. Look into mysteries of oneself and the world.

This is a month of taking chances, and that any obstacle you face, it can be overcome. You may even want to take on a challenge. There are lessons for you spiritually this month. You have power within yourself, this is a month to empower oneself. Get guidance from others, or if you have guidance, share that guidance with others.

Recognize there are two sides to a story, there are different perspectives, not just your own. There can be two truths and two falses. Things are not black and white. You may have some setbacks and failures, but these are lessons in life, this will help you grow.

You may feel lost and disconnected, maybe a bit disappointed. Try not to get stuck in your head, or lost in your own world. Gain clarity, get perspective. Become aware of reality and the truth. Try not to wallow in self-defeat. Have confidence. Find strength. You can get through it.

There are many wonderful gifts you have. There is beauty within yourself. Allow all your beauty and gifts to shine. Do not hide your gifts. You may be shifted in a new direction, but it is necessary for your self-growth. You may be able to pursue all the things you want and desire. You may not be able to pursue your passions, but in life we can’t always get what we want, or desire. Count your blessing. Appreciate the things you do have. There are always things you do have.

January Guidance

Some things to focus or be aware of this month.

A month of investment. Invest in family. Invest in the future. Focus on getting your needs met. This month we may struggle to tend to ourselves and love ourselves. We got to learn to take care of ourselves, so that we can tend to others.  You may struggle to support others and give them attention, that can be due to not being able to care for ourselves. You may feel disconnected from others. Relationships may struggle. This month may be a time to work through your relationships with others. Work on miscommunications. Figure out if this person is right for you. Self-love and bonding are important for this month.

It is time to be more focused, logical and rational. Look at seeing things for what it is. Be strategic, build structure.  Work on fixing the problems in your life, rather than wallowing. There will be disappointments. You may feel down in the dumps. You may feel the need to disconnect. There could be a sense of apathy, and not caring for life and the people in it. Maybe disconnection is what you need, so you can work through your emotions. It may be the month to take control of your life, be the owner of your life. You may not be able to control everything in life, but you can work on the things you can control.

There are our delusions and there is the truth, time to seek the truth of the situation. Every challenge is a lesson learned. It isn’t fun to have challenges in life, but it is a disservice to us not to take something from the situation and make changes. This is a month of getting your material needs met, but also learning to declutter anything that isn’t worth much to you. Own what you value. Keep what you value.

This is also a month of love and appreciation. Work on self-love and work on loving others you hold dear. There are opportunities and possibilities out there for you this month. Find it and take it. It is a new year, so time to switch things up and change your perspective on things. It may also help to work with others. If you have a job that requires that, this is a great time to work on team chemistry. Although you may be great at your job, the help of others can be beneficial.

Getting Through the Storm

There will be difficult times in your life. Times when it is hard to see the good and be positive. As much as I love positive vibes. We can’t have that mindset all the times. Sometimes situations just suck, but being able to bare through, and accept the situation takes a good mindset and strength. It is easy to fall into the negativity trap, and it will seep through. It is normal. Are minds are set to see the negative. That is fine to allow some negative thoughts in. It is only a problem for our well-being when it is consumed too much.

I had a tough week at work. It was a struggle to remain positive. I decided to just accept what is, and tried to keep thinking that the weekend will come soon, and I can relax again and recharge. I didn’t want to consume myself with too much negativity, so I tried some things to calm my mind and find some inner peace.

Getting up in the morning was tough, but once I was up. I tried some meditation to calm my thoughts for the upcoming work day. I also did some journaling to get my thoughts out and face my emotions. I sometimes just sat in my living room. I really enjoy just sitting in my living room. i like the space and peace of it. I just sat there immersing myself in the moment, in the scenery, and my surroundings. Just sifting through my thoughts and emotions. I also spent some time watching Kpop content, although I don’t like to consume myself with it too much. There are times when I watch it to bring me joy. The content brings me happiness and laughter, and at times like these you need to find the little things that bring a smile to your face.

Another thing you can do to get through it is talk to others. I like venting my thoughts and feeling to my coworkers who are in the same boat as me. The empathy and understanding comes along way to healing. There is something very therapeutic about talking to others and having someone empathize with your words and feelings. Now remember venting is healthy, but constant complaining can get be a bit much and create negativity in your life and others. Complaining won’t get you anywhere. Let your thoughts and feelings out, get some relief, and then move forward. You got to find peace from within yourself.

I took a nice walk this Saturday, which was also very calming and joyful for me. I also spent time with family communicating and connecting which was nice. That is also a good way to get your spirits up. I am now enjoying a nice relaxing day of productive writing. I can use this day to relax and recharge myself before the storm hits again in the new work week.

I accept that work will be challenging, until we get more people. Long days, lots of work. It is what it is. If I want change, I can make changes. If I don’t want to make physical changes, than I must try to change my mindset. There will be times when you are unhappy, annoyed, angry, frustrated. I must remind myself that it is okay to feel these emotions, but I must remember to take a step back, take deep breaths, and let things flow. Embrace the little joys and times of peace.The storm will pass eventually. You just got to build strength to take in these difficult times. See some positive. I at least get the weekend to relax and enjoy the things I like to do. I will get through this. You will get through this. Just keep moving forward.

Things you can do to help get through the storm:

  • Journal
  • Take nature walks
  • Take deep breaths
  • Face thoughts and emotions
  • Connect with others
  • Communicate with others
  • Find little joys
  • Find laughter
  • Create something
  • Make changes
  • Adapt
  • Accept