Perspective Taking

Perspective Taking is a skill I believe we all should have. It is the ability for one to see someone else’s point of view. We all think differently and have access to different things. Looking at things from your perspective only, especially when trying to analyse someone else’s life, or situation is a bad idea. Not having this skill cultivates hatred and close-mindedness.

Many people believe if a person doesn’t share their opinions and thoughts. They think they are wrong, and refuse to listen to their opinion. It is important to hear a person out who doesn’t think like you. Their thoughts may actually make sense once you listen. They key is one must learn to communicate and listen. You won’t understand their opinion, or situation unless you listen. This goes for romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, or just with any other human being.

Arguments happen, but it is important to talk through them once the anger subsides, and listen to each other’s point of view, so both parties can come to an understanding. One thing is you should never put your thoughts, and life into someone else’s shoes. You must always open up your mind and see things from their perspective. They may not have the same access to things, or have the same mentality, or have different upbringings, or they are from a different culture, or experienced different things from you. Remember a lot of things come to play, so making snap judgments is an inaccurate way to understand someone. Perspective taking leads to understanding, empathy, and compassion, so it is a very useful and wonderful skill to have.


Psychology of Mindfulness Introduction

I have just recently finished my last class for my BA in Psychology. I contemplated what I should do once I graduate. I wondered if there would be any jobs out there. I would like to continue my education in the future, so I can become a professional counselor, but for now I thought of doing something before I get to that chapter. While going through my journal. I stumbled across an idea to start a Psychology blog. I gained a lot of knowledge in Psychology, while working towards my degree, so I thought I share it with others. I thought this would be a good way to do so. Psychology and Mindfulness are two things I am passionate about, so I thought I would combine those two topics in this blog. Mindfulness has reduced my anxiety and depression-my depression is non existent at this point. There have been studies that has shown Mindfulness reduces anxiety and depression, so that makes complete sense. I would love to discuss topics of Mindfulness, and how it can help you. Mindfulness is something I like to incorporate in my practice in the future. I would also like to give advice on different topics-self-worth, self-love, positivism, life struggles, grief etc. I would also like to discuss topics, theories and disorders in Psychology. I would mainly focus on depressive and anxiety disorders, but will discuss others as well. My main focus is on depression and anxiety, since that is prevalent in all humans. And mindfulness is a technique that is useful for these emotions. I would like to be someone you can feel comfortable talking to in an non-judgmental, and open environment. Everyone wants to be heard and understood. We live in a world where people lack empathy and compassion, especially when it comes to mental health. Carl Rogers believed Empathy and positive-regard are important tools to counseling someone, and I totally agree. It is so easy to judge someone, which is why most people do it, but what should be done is to try to understand the individual through their perspective. That is what I would like to do. I always feel much better letting my thoughts, and feelings out. It think it is very therapeutic. We should not keep anything in, because those bottled up feelings can effect your body negatively. I just like to help others to grow, evolve, and have a healthier mindset and lifestyle. We all deserve that! I hope I will be able to help and put things in perspective for you. This is why I love Psychology.e06a7537b6d9e01ba9cae7a194ea1b2d--family-psychology-psychology-quotes