Depend On Yourself

We should try to learn to depend on ourselves. Try not to look to others, or external things to bring us happiness or fulfillment. Being independent can be a tough battle. What many don’t understand is that being dependent on others can lead to misery, sadness, loneliness, and disappointment.

Others aren’t always going to be there, or say the right thing. Others can’t fix you. That must come from you. Learning to fix yourself promotes freedom, strength, and peace of mind. There is so much strength in being able to get yourself out of the tough times, struggles, or down times. I mean, doesn’t it feel great when you are able to fix things on your own?

Now asking for advice, or guidance is not a problem. We all need guidance, but it becomes a problem when you expect others to fix, or solve the problems you are having. The thing is no one else, or any external thing can solve it. That must always come from the individual, so being able to learn how to self cope is important.

We all have our own problems, struggles, and battles. We must remember that it is no one’s job to fix us, and it isn’t our job to fix others. I can’t give others happiness, satisfaction, or fulfillment, and others can’t do that for me. We as individuals must learn to do that ourselves.

Society may allow us to think that we must be around others all the time. I get it we are social creatures, but trying to be by yourself, and do your own thing is just as important. I am not saying live in total isolation. You always need balance. Being able to be alone can allow you to be free. It can help you learn about yourself, reflect on who you are, and give you the chance to accept the person you are, which then can help you learn how to deal with down times on your own, without the help of others, or outside sources.

So try doing your own thing. Try depending on yourself. There is a stigma of being alone, and there really shouldn’t. How can we know who we are, if we look to others to define us? , or depend on others all the time? If we don’t spend some quality time alone? You can’t. We must give ourselves the space to be free, grow, and develop.

Doing my own thing gives me the space to do the things I enjoy that maybe I can’t do with others. It is the time I truly feel free. Connecting with others, being around others is great, and very important. On the other side, being alone can be just as great. We need our independence, our individuality. Dependency strips us from our individuality, and freedom.

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