Start Your Day With A Blank Slate

I always think how you start your day is important. Now what do I mean by this title? It means having no expectations for the day, good, or bad. You think, how can I have no expectations? It can be difficult, but awareness of expectations can be helpful.

Expectations can lead to negativity. Whether you are expecting it to be a bad day, or a good day. Now expecting it to be a bad day is an obvious one. Thinking it will be a bad day will have your mind set on negativity. Your mind will seek out negativity. Anything that goes wrong will amplify, because your thoughts are negative. If you think it will be a bad day, than you will see the world in a negative light. It is the laws of attraction. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now expecting a good day may seem like a good idea, but that can also lead to negativity. So why is that? If you are expecting a good day, and a problem, or mishap occurs. It can be really upsetting, and completely ruin your day. It can put you in a state of negativity, because you were expecting a smooth, challenge free day, but what you have seen from my blog posts, life doesn’t happen that way. Life is unexpected.

This is why expectations can be problematic. You can hope for a good day. You can hope for things to go smooth. You can be aware that today may go either way, but you will get through it no matter what. Start your day clear of expectations, and go with the flow can be the most peaceful way to get through your day.

Go with the Flow of Life

Enjoy the peaceful times. Embrace the tough times. Live in the moment. Let life flow through you. Try not to hold on to negative thoughts or feelings. Life is a lesson. Focus on the journey. Learn, experience, embrace, and enjoy.

Just a reminder that life has its ups and downs, good times, and bad times. It is about staying present, and letting things happen as it goes. Taking on whatever comes your way, and not always expecting things to go smoothly. Lets try to be mindful. Learning to calm the mind of life’s unpredictability.

Benefits of a Mindful Life

Mindfulness can teach us how to deal with life struggles, difficult emotions, and difficult situations. It can teach us how to experience life more. We can learn how to build relationships in a healthy manner.

It all stems from the awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our own thoughts, emotions, feelings, behaviors, and reactions. The ability to do this can help us become more aware of our surroundings and experiences.

The ability to be self-aware can cultivate better relationships, less arguments, less frustrations, less tension, and an overall more positive experience in life in general. This in all will create a calmer mindset in the midst of the storms life can bring.

I bought these wonderful books awhile ago, and they have been helpful in keeping me on a mindful track, and putting things in perspective. I thought I mention these books, because they can be quite helpful. You can find them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Google Play.


Take Time to Relax Oneself/Step Away From the Distractions

Step away from the phone and computer, and cleanse yourself from the distractions. This is hard I know, our minds are wired to be busy. It is easy to fall into that trap, but is it really best for your peace of mind? That would be no.

     I think it is important to take a couple of hours to yourself, and calm the mind, away from these distractions. You can clean, declutter your room/house, read, journal, write, cook, practice yoga, run errands etc,. This can all help calm the mind, and body.

     I offer those suggestion, because things like meditating can be difficult for people who are not ready to sit still completely. Those other things can also be helpful. I do those things as well when I need time to myself. It can definitely help relax, and calm the mind. I think taking a couple of hours to yourself can help detox, refresh, and rejuvenate oneself. You can learn more about yourself. It can give you an opportunity to reflect on yourself and life.

     Having the time to yourself without the distractions of the outside world can open many opportunities for you, make you creative, more knowledgeable, motivated, and most importantly give you inner peace. I stress the importance of taking time to yourself, because it can really help one become more at peace with themselves and life.

     So if you don’t want to be consumed by negativity, and your thoughts. If you don’t want constant distractions, or worry. Make an effort to take some time for yourself. It may be hard at first, but once you make it a habit. It can be a wonderful routine that can create peace and happiness.

Resolve the Struggle in the Mind

If your mind continues to focus on a certain thing, and you just can’t stop thinking about it. It may be time to resolve whatever is bugging you. You need to bring it to awareness, and figure out why it affects you so much. What type of emotions, thoughts, reactions does it cultivate. Ruminate over it. Then try to find ways to help resolve the thing that is pervading your mind.

     How can you fix this? What can be done. Problem-solving. Maybe try to change your perspective on it, see things in a more positive light, or see it for what it is. If it can’t be solved. Try to accept the situation. Not everything can be solved. We can’t control everything in our lives. But don’t avoid it, because it will continue to pervade your mind if you don’t. Resolving the pervading thoughts is the best way to ease your wandering mind.