Black Lives Matter

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As someone who practices and posts about love, acceptance, compassion, and empathy towards oneself and others. I felt it was important to address this topic and bring awareness to this situation, since I have some sort of platform. My heart hurts for black Americans who suffer from systematic racism and injustice. I like to post some information and links on what you can do to help, any bit helps. We are all one. We are all human. We should be treated equally.

Things you can do:

Educate oneself It is important to learn about the movement, learn to understand the struggle of black Americans, and why this movement is important to them. Understanding leads to compassion, which leads to love and respect for one another. Change can’t come from ignorance.

Donate Not a must do. I know times are hard, but if you have the funds. It would be helpful. Just 5 dollars can make a difference.

Protest(please be safe if you do so)

Sign Petitions

Vote Nothing stronger than your voice being heard

Call/email your representatives for police reform(attorney generals,mayors,senators,governors) The more calls/emails they get. The more they are most likely going to listen.

This link below has lots of information on the movement, ways to help and donate

The link below has a bunch of links and information on donations and petitions to sign.

We must come together to bring change. Please stay safe. I also like to mention to take mindful breaks and step away from the media from time to time. It can get overwhelming and can cultivate negative emotions and feelings. Your mental health is very important. Please remember there is still beauty in this world. Try not to see everything in a negative way. We are being challenged this year, but we can learn, grow and become stronger individuals from all this. There is a lot of injustice in this world, not just for black individuals, but there is also good people and things as well. Try to remember that with all this pervading negativity surrounding us right now.