The Hidden Abuse

Discussed this subject with a friend, and it inspired me to write a post about emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is just as bad, and maybe even worse than physical abuse. The hurt and pain may not be as observable as physical abuse. It is more covert. It affects your sense of self, and cultivates feelings of low self-worth and esteem. It has you always question if you are good enough. It does a lot of damage to someone mentally and emotionally. The mental/emotional wounds can be problematic, and make it hard for someone to move one, and realize their worth.

It is truly unfortunate that a person feels the need to bring another down, because they don’t have enough love for themselves. It is all about self-love. If you love and embrace yourself; One wouldn’t feel the need to bring someone else down. I hope anyone dealing with this gets the help they need, and learns that they are not any of the hurtful, negative things abusers tell them. It is a reflection of them, not you.


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