Mindful Messages for the Week

Find the joy and happy times, during the week. Seek fulfillment. Nurture your needs. Do things that bring you joy. It is okay to do your own thing. Time spent at home, nurturing your needs, recharging yourself may be good for you. Take any opportunity to get the things you want, attract what you want. If an opportunity arises, go for it. Envision it and take steps to make it happen. Take things one at a time, try not to overwhelm oneself. Slowly, but surely you will get what needs to be done. Try not to carry too much of the burden. Persist in your desires, and it will surely come to you in due time.

Moments of silence are needed, but rarely done, even for me. Our brains love stimulation, but lots of beauty comes from silence. Inspiration, creativity, peace, clarity, insights are some of the things that cultivate from it. This is a nice reminder to step into the silence. It definitely was for me, since I have stepped away from doing this myself.

Mindful Message 3/21

The present moment is always full of possibilities. Anything can happen in the present moment. Anything can get done in the present moment. The time is now. The past is already done, the future is not here. Find joy in the moment as much as possible. Sit with the present moment, accept what is in front of you now. If you are thinking of the past or future. You will struggle to enjoy the moment you are in now. It may be hard at times, like when you are working, but from my experience, anticipating leaving just makes the day drag on. Find little joys in the moment. You are only living in the present. Life is full of present moments. That s when you are most alive.


Self-pity is an emotion in which one feels self-centered sorrow and pity toward the self in regards to one’s own internal and external experiences of suffering.

Self-pity can be completely internalized whereby you view it as part of your identity to be continually unfortunate, incapable and sad.

When self-pity is made into a habit, it not only stunts our self-worth, but it also creates self-destructive cycles of self-sabotage.

I found myself spiraling into a space of negativity today. I am mentally exhausted, and I have to work 12 hours today. It made me think of self -pity, and how I am doing it to myself at the moment. I don’t like it. I do not like feeling sorry for myself, it does me no good, so I decided to switch the script.

As a believer, that you create your reality, or that one can shift their brain’s focus. I did not want to focus on negativity. I decided to work on my positive affirmations. Telling myself, “You got this.” “You are strong!” “You are not tired.” I am tricking my brain to focus on the more positive aspects, or to look into my strengths.

Instead of telling myself, “it will be a long day, it will be rough.” I am telling myself, “Today will go by fast, it won’t be that bad.” I just don’t want to go into the loop of negativity, it just makes things worse. The only way I can get through it better is to lift myself up, instead of pitying myself. I could be in a much worse situation. I know a lot of people don’t like hearing that, but that is the Ego talking. It likes to be self-centered. Believe me things could be worse. If you think of how things could be worse this also help alleviate your sadness or need for self-pity. We are strong and resilient creatures.

We have gone through lots of trials in our lives. I have seen worse days, and I will most likely see worse days after this. This change of perspective has really helped lift my spirits up. This shows that you really do create your reality. This situation is there, but how you perceive it is what matters. This situation also helped inspire me to write something, since I have been trying to figure out what to write next, but my brain has been foggy, but this all just hit me, and I felt an urge to write about it, and share this message with you. There is always a light at the end of a tunnel if you are willing to go through it.

Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is a statement that reflects a positive, empowering, and uplifting belief or attitude about oneself, others, or the world. Positive affirmations can be simple, short, and specific, such as “I am confident and capable,” or they can be more detailed and personalized, such as “I trust in my abilities and am worthy of success.”(Berkelywellbeing.com).

Others are “I am beautiful/handsome. People love me, why wouldn’t they!?” Know your worth and value. “There are awesome traits about me, why wouldn’t people like that? and if they don’t, that is their loss, not mine. They are missing out. They don’t realize my amazingness.” This is different from being conceited, you are not above others, but it is a reminder, they are not above you either. We are all equal.

I have been doing this, and it has changed my perspective on things. It has made work so much more bearable and has made me more happy and joyful towards others. I don’t come into work with my head down, dreading the day. I believe it will be a great day. I tell myself I will have fun; time will go by fast. That my coworkers are a joy to be around. This has helped the work week go by much smoother and quicker.

Now this is different from toxic positivity. Crap will happen, things at work will suck, there are struggles, but if you keep telling yourself. ‘I got this, I am strong, I am killing it,’ through those down times, it helps you push through. It will allow you to deal with crap much more easily. There were times I would get upset when I was overwhelmed with work, now I think, ‘man I have a lot to do, but hey, this keeps me busy, and I am awesome, I will get this done in no time, or it will get done, I got this.’ Man, does this work wonders for me, and it can work for you. 

Now that I see my coworkers more positively. I am more open to talk to them, and joke with them. I see more positive sides to them. I am actually more helpful, and work more as a team as well. When you build a wall, or tell yourself you are a loner, it just distances yourself from others, because you train your brain to believe it, but once I told myself, I enjoy my coworkers, I like them, they are fun. This allowed me to open myself up to them, and this broke the wall I had, and allowed us to connect more easily. When you believe, you act it out. This creates a ripple effect in your world to a more positive reality. When you emphasize the positive, you will see more of the positives, and vice versa, if you emphasize the negative, you will focus more on the negatives. 

When I would go into work dreading it, thinking about wanting to go home, it just made the day worse, and the time dragged on. Now I say, ‘I like working, I would just be bored at home, here I get my exercise, I would be just sitting at home.’ This helps me enjoy the good aspects of work, rather than focusing on the number of reasons why I shouldn’t be there. ‘I am making money here. I won’t if I am at home.’ You train your brain what to focus on. Affirm, and you will receive.

Mindful Message

We are all on our own journey in life. We are all powerful. We all have special gifts to share. Focus on your journey, less on others, less on comparisons. Your time will come if it is what you really want. Everyone’s path is different, no one is the same. You create the reality you want. Focus on you. Focus on your power. You are all the validation you need, once you validate yourself, others will follow. Lift yourself up, and others will follow. Your path is your alone, of course others will join you, but you should learn to lead it yourself. Be inspired by others but live your life for yourself. Your experiences are your alone. Recognize your power.

Mindful Post 2/27

Being in the moment brings inner peace and comfort. Let go of some of the busyness that keeps you trapped. Let go of the past and future for a moment. Just be. Let thoughts flow. Let emotions come and go. As I am immersing myself in the present moment this morning. I feel quite at peace and free. I am just enjoying what is happening right now. I hope you all have a peaceful mindful day.

Thoughts are Fluid.

Now that I have the ability to channel messages. I am aware of how many thoughts and opinions are out there. Thoughts are always changing. This is how we grow. Clinging to old thought patterns keeps you stuck.

Your thoughts change with how it fits you ate the moment. I started this year not wanting to buy certain things. That opinion has changed recently. Now I can hold on to that opinion, because the Ego part of our minds wants to be right, it doesn’t like change, but our soul, our personal growth comes from change in thought, and our habits. I let go of the old thoughts I had, and shifted towards this new opinion, or belief.

It will continue to change and shift. There is always new information to consume. You are always changing, or you should. I allow new information, ideas and beliefs to consume me. It is about how relevant the information is to you now, not how it was in the past. What I think now, may be different in a couple of months, but that is okay, that is how we grow.

You shouldn’t feel guilt or shame for changing your stance on something. You should feel freedom, the fact that you moved towards a new direction, a new idea. Don’t get stuck in the past. Life is about now. What you think at the moment. What you do at the moment.

Don’t let the Ego part of your mind’s keep you stuck in old thought patterns. New ideas, and information are always there for you if you let it. Let down your guard and let new information flow through you.

If I stayed rigid in my old thought patterns. I would have been unsatisfied. Thoughts do not define me, or you, they are just thoughts, so let them go when it is needed, when it does not benefit you anymore. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not allow the flow of new thoughts to come to you. Push the Ego aside, this is what your soul can benefit from.

Mindful Message 2/17

The situation is what it is, but how one approaches it makes all the difference. You can allow the situation to consume you, or you can find little joys within the situation. Find some blessings, or things to appreciate. As I have to work this weekend, it is easy to feel frustrated, annoyed, and angry. I am annoyed a bit, but trying my best to stay positive, and count my blessings. This will pass, life throws you challenges. It is all about how one handle’s the challenges that come your way. We should remind ourselves; things/situations in life don’t always go how we want. We work through it, count our blessings, and move forward. It can be hard not to get stuck in a bad situation, we are human after all, but allowing the situation to put us in a dark space doesn’t necessarily benefit us. We must try to seek joy, the good, the blessings within the storm. This can help bring peace to one’s life.


Journaling is a powerful tool, why is it? It can make you aware of your thoughts. Seeing your thoughts on paper gives you clarity. It can also be therapeutic and help you through times of difficulty. I was upset about a certain situation, so I decided to journal, after doing so I felt so much better. It is like I put my thoughts and feelings out there and released it on paper somehow. Like once I put it on paper it is released out into it, and it is no longer bottled inside of me. That is how I feel. I feel a sense of relief after I journal. Also just seeing your thoughts, allows you to look at it from an outside perspective, which makes it easier to gain clarity on the situation. We all have a portal to the universal knowledge of the world, so journaling can help you gain knowledge about yourself, your life path, and help you get answers to whatever difficulties, problems, or struggles one may have. I sometimes lose track of journaling, but when I do, I realize how powerful it can be.

February Guidance

This may be a month to not be too overly passionate, try not to burn yourself out. It is a month of balance, moderation and compromise. This is a month to tune into oneself, into your life journey and path. Look into mysteries of oneself and the world.

This is a month of taking chances, and that any obstacle you face, it can be overcome. You may even want to take on a challenge. There are lessons for you spiritually this month. You have power within yourself, this is a month to empower oneself. Get guidance from others, or if you have guidance, share that guidance with others.

Recognize there are two sides to a story, there are different perspectives, not just your own. There can be two truths and two falses. Things are not black and white. You may have some setbacks and failures, but these are lessons in life, this will help you grow.

You may feel lost and disconnected, maybe a bit disappointed. Try not to get stuck in your head, or lost in your own world. Gain clarity, get perspective. Become aware of reality and the truth. Try not to wallow in self-defeat. Have confidence. Find strength. You can get through it.

There are many wonderful gifts you have. There is beauty within yourself. Allow all your beauty and gifts to shine. Do not hide your gifts. You may be shifted in a new direction, but it is necessary for your self-growth. You may be able to pursue all the things you want and desire. You may not be able to pursue your passions, but in life we can’t always get what we want, or desire. Count your blessing. Appreciate the things you do have. There are always things you do have.