Mindful Messages 4/28

Thinking about doing something can lead to hesitation, and never getting it done, with many what ifs in the air. You will never know, until you do it, so it is better to just act. If I kept thinking about how I can start my blog. I never would have done it, once you start it, all things fall in place. Every time I think about how I will write a blog, it leads to not getting anything done, but once I just start writing, everything flows out of me. Action is the best bet, there is a place to plan things, but overanalyzing things will get you nowhere. Take a lead and just act. This can lead you closer to your goals.

I read this, before I had to go to work. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to going, as by the end of the week I am drained. But this was a reminder to find little joys throughout the day, and to not immerse myself in negativity and wallowing. I am happy to be alive, and to experience what I do. I got a good job. I get paid well. Embrace the time of struggle, so that I can enjoy the times of freedom, relaxation and fun much more.

I believe we are here on Earth to face challenges, and although it may suck, it definitely does, it helps us grow on a personal level. There are good things that can come from struggle if you allow it. Enjoy the day ahead of you, life is too short to be miserable. If you are going through a difficult period, that is okay, feel the pain, but know things will get better eventually. I understand how hard it is to be positive in those times.

If you are able to find things to appreciate and find little joys throughout your day, please do so. This can help lift your spirit a bit more, why be miserable and negative, when you can be happy and positive. It is better for your mental and physical health.


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