Self-awareness is your ability to perceive and understand the things that make you who you are as an individual, including your personality, actions, values, beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. Essentially, it is a psychological state in which the self becomes the focus of attention(

I believe self-awareness is important to have. It is important to know your strengths and weaknesses. It is important to know your worth and value. It is important to reflect on your mistakes, and your bad habits. It is also important to accept your flaws and learn from them. You should be aware that you are not perfect and flawless, and that is okay. We are a working progress.

I had become obsessive over this music group that I like. I didn’t really like that I was like this. As I am aware of my nature to become obsessive and attached. I decided I needed to detach. This all comes from my ability of self-awareness. You are able to pinpoint destructive habits and change them. I know this mindset does nothing for me. I was using them as an escape, a distraction, so I decided to fill my time with other distractions that were more beneficial to myself. I also pursue hobbies I enjoy, and work more on my skills and crafts that I am interested in. I am now detached from the group, and I feel much better about it. This all starts from a place of self-awareness. 

I have also been spending at least 30 minutes a day to myself. I sit, immerse myself in the scenery of my apartment, or room. I reflect on how I am feeling, and what my goals are for today, and the future. I reflect on what is keeping me stuck, and what can help me grow. I give space to focus on myself and my thoughts. It all starts with self. Prioritize yourself, and things will fall in place. 

The power of self-awareness. The power to know oneself. Your limits. Your strengths. The mistakes you made. What you can learn from them. This is all beneficial information for you. Rather than focusing on what is going on with others. It is more important to go inward, and focus on yourself.


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