Mindful Messages for the Week

Find the joy and happy times, during the week. Seek fulfillment. Nurture your needs. Do things that bring you joy. It is okay to do your own thing. Time spent at home, nurturing your needs, recharging yourself may be good for you. Take any opportunity to get the things you want, attract what you want. If an opportunity arises, go for it. Envision it and take steps to make it happen. Take things one at a time, try not to overwhelm oneself. Slowly, but surely you will get what needs to be done. Try not to carry too much of the burden. Persist in your desires, and it will surely come to you in due time.

Moments of silence are needed, but rarely done, even for me. Our brains love stimulation, but lots of beauty comes from silence. Inspiration, creativity, peace, clarity, insights are some of the things that cultivate from it. This is a nice reminder to step into the silence. It definitely was for me, since I have stepped away from doing this myself.


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