Positive Affirmations

A positive affirmation is a statement that reflects a positive, empowering, and uplifting belief or attitude about oneself, others, or the world. Positive affirmations can be simple, short, and specific, such as “I am confident and capable,” or they can be more detailed and personalized, such as “I trust in my abilities and am worthy of success.”(Berkelywellbeing.com).

Others are “I am beautiful/handsome. People love me, why wouldn’t they!?” Know your worth and value. “There are awesome traits about me, why wouldn’t people like that? and if they don’t, that is their loss, not mine. They are missing out. They don’t realize my amazingness.” This is different from being conceited, you are not above others, but it is a reminder, they are not above you either. We are all equal.

I have been doing this, and it has changed my perspective on things. It has made work so much more bearable and has made me more happy and joyful towards others. I don’t come into work with my head down, dreading the day. I believe it will be a great day. I tell myself I will have fun; time will go by fast. That my coworkers are a joy to be around. This has helped the work week go by much smoother and quicker.

Now this is different from toxic positivity. Crap will happen, things at work will suck, there are struggles, but if you keep telling yourself. ‘I got this, I am strong, I am killing it,’ through those down times, it helps you push through. It will allow you to deal with crap much more easily. There were times I would get upset when I was overwhelmed with work, now I think, ‘man I have a lot to do, but hey, this keeps me busy, and I am awesome, I will get this done in no time, or it will get done, I got this.’ Man, does this work wonders for me, and it can work for you. 

Now that I see my coworkers more positively. I am more open to talk to them, and joke with them. I see more positive sides to them. I am actually more helpful, and work more as a team as well. When you build a wall, or tell yourself you are a loner, it just distances yourself from others, because you train your brain to believe it, but once I told myself, I enjoy my coworkers, I like them, they are fun. This allowed me to open myself up to them, and this broke the wall I had, and allowed us to connect more easily. When you believe, you act it out. This creates a ripple effect in your world to a more positive reality. When you emphasize the positive, you will see more of the positives, and vice versa, if you emphasize the negative, you will focus more on the negatives. 

When I would go into work dreading it, thinking about wanting to go home, it just made the day worse, and the time dragged on. Now I say, ‘I like working, I would just be bored at home, here I get my exercise, I would be just sitting at home.’ This helps me enjoy the good aspects of work, rather than focusing on the number of reasons why I shouldn’t be there. ‘I am making money here. I won’t if I am at home.’ You train your brain what to focus on. Affirm, and you will receive.

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