Thoughts are Fluid.

Now that I have the ability to channel messages. I am aware of how many thoughts and opinions are out there. Thoughts are always changing. This is how we grow. Clinging to old thought patterns keeps you stuck.

Your thoughts change with how it fits you ate the moment. I started this year not wanting to buy certain things. That opinion has changed recently. Now I can hold on to that opinion, because the Ego part of our minds wants to be right, it doesn’t like change, but our soul, our personal growth comes from change in thought, and our habits. I let go of the old thoughts I had, and shifted towards this new opinion, or belief.

It will continue to change and shift. There is always new information to consume. You are always changing, or you should. I allow new information, ideas and beliefs to consume me. It is about how relevant the information is to you now, not how it was in the past. What I think now, may be different in a couple of months, but that is okay, that is how we grow.

You shouldn’t feel guilt or shame for changing your stance on something. You should feel freedom, the fact that you moved towards a new direction, a new idea. Don’t get stuck in the past. Life is about now. What you think at the moment. What you do at the moment.

Don’t let the Ego part of your mind’s keep you stuck in old thought patterns. New ideas, and information are always there for you if you let it. Let down your guard and let new information flow through you.

If I stayed rigid in my old thought patterns. I would have been unsatisfied. Thoughts do not define me, or you, they are just thoughts, so let them go when it is needed, when it does not benefit you anymore. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not allow the flow of new thoughts to come to you. Push the Ego aside, this is what your soul can benefit from.


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