Mindful Message 2/17

The situation is what it is, but how one approaches it makes all the difference. You can allow the situation to consume you, or you can find little joys within the situation. Find some blessings, or things to appreciate. As I have to work this weekend, it is easy to feel frustrated, annoyed, and angry. I am annoyed a bit, but trying my best to stay positive, and count my blessings. This will pass, life throws you challenges. It is all about how one handle’s the challenges that come your way. We should remind ourselves; things/situations in life don’t always go how we want. We work through it, count our blessings, and move forward. It can be hard not to get stuck in a bad situation, we are human after all, but allowing the situation to put us in a dark space doesn’t necessarily benefit us. We must try to seek joy, the good, the blessings within the storm. This can help bring peace to one’s life.


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