Journaling is a powerful tool, why is it? It can make you aware of your thoughts. Seeing your thoughts on paper gives you clarity. It can also be therapeutic, and help you through times of difficulty. I was upset about a certain situation, so I decided to journal, after doing so I felt so much better. It is like I put my thoughts and feelings out there, and released it on paper somehow. Like once I put it on paper it is released out into it, and it is no longer bottled inside of me. That is how I feel. I feel a sense of relief after I journal. Also just seeing your thoughts, allows you to look at it from an outside perspective, which makes it easier to gain clarity on the situation. We all have a portal to the universal knowledge of the world, so journaling can help you gain knowledge about yourself, your life path, and help you get answers to whatever difficulties, problems, or struggles one may have. I sometimes lose track of journaling, but when I do, I realize how powerful it can be.


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