February Guidance

This may be a month to not be too overly passionate, try not to burn yourself out. It is a month of balance, moderation and compromise. This is a month to tune into oneself, into your life journey and path. Look into mysteries of oneself and the world.

This is a month of taking chances, and that any obstacle you face, it can be overcome. You may even want to take on a challenge. There are lessons for you spiritually this month. You have power within yourself, this is a month to empower oneself. Get guidance from others, or if you have guidance, share that guidance with others.

Recognize there are two sides to a story, there are different perspectives, not just your own. There can be two truths and two falses. Things are not black and white. You may have some setbacks and failures, but these are lessons in life, this will help you grow.

You may feel lost and disconnected, maybe a bit disappointed. Try not to get stuck in your head, or lost in your own world. Gain clarity, get perspective. Become aware of reality and the truth. Try not to wallow in self-defeat. Have confidence. Find strength. You can get through it.

There are many wonderful gifts you have. There is beauty within yourself. Allow all your beauty and gifts to shine. Do not hide your gifts. You may be shifted in a new direction, but it is necessary for your self-growth. You may be able to pursue all the things you want and desire. You may not be able to pursue your passions, but in life we can’t always get what we want, or desire. Count your blessing. Appreciate the things you do have. There are always things you do have.


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