A Need for Privacy

I think it is important to have some sort of privacy online and offline. We as humans love to feel heard, love to be validated. This is why social media can be addictive. We get a high from seeing the likes go up, but do people really need to know everything that we are doing? Do they really care? The answer is no. Remember what you post can be used against you. We should learn to keep most things to ourselves.

I had the urge to post something when I did something I thought was interesting, or when I bought something I liked. I took a step back, and thought, why do I need to post this? Why do people need to know, or care about what I did, or bought? I would tell myself I do it to connect, or because I just want to share my life, and yes it was a bit of that, but honestly, most of it was for some sort of validation. I wanted praise for what I did, but again why do I need that? It just isn’t necessary.

I also found it a hassle to take a picture to post, trying to find the right angle, or at times taking more than one photo, because the picture didn’t come out right. It can be such a waste of time. Why not just live in the moment, rather than wasting time with the hassle of a photo.

I will say connecting and expressing oneself is part of why we post, but when it comes to constantly posting, it can lead for a need of validation, or attention seeking. Why waste time posting when I can enjoy things for myself in the moment. Honestly we do a bit of oversharing. I did this my self. When I cleaned my room, or did my plant care. I would feel the need to post about that, which is so weird thinking about it. We just have this habit of sharing more than we need to. I don’t need to share this with strangers when I can share it with friends and family when I see them. I know at least they care about my life.

I recognized I did post for validation, because when I stopped caring. I stopped posting as much. I also felt it was important to keep my privacy. I want to do things for myself. I find my life very interesting. I do fun things to past the time. I am busy doing my own thing, and enjoying my own company, and others company to care what majority of people think about my life, because in reality they don’t really care, and they shouldn’t. The focus should be on us as individuals first, and our loved ones. Our focus should be on our self-growth, creativity, skill improvement, and having fun in real life.

I am not saying never post. I am just saying be more selective. Have a bit of mystery. It isn’t a good look to constantly posts about oneself, it screams attention seeker. I just think our lives should not be stopped by constantly having the urge to post something. Rather than telling others about your life, just learn to live it. I think you will feel a sense of freedom and peace.

2 thoughts on “A Need for Privacy

  1. WOW, I love this post! I agree 100%. I often wonder if people have taken the transparency thing a little too far. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with leaving a little mystery. And who really wants to hear what I made for lunch or breakfast? Like you said, do people really care? Thank you for this.

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