digital minimalism(my thoughts)

I like listening and watching topics about Digital Minimalism. It allows me to be aware that the screen isn’t my life. It is a nice reminder. Experiencing the world, connecting with it is so much more important.

There is so much to offer out there. We may be afraid to miss out on the net, by being online we are missing out on much more by not truly living and experiencing life. It is important to live. Give yourself space to connect with you and reflect. Give yourself space to truly connect with others and the world.

I sometimes cling to the idea of connecting with others who don’t know me for validation, but that really isn’t important in the whole scheme of things. It doesn’t make me happy. It doesn’t aide my growth. Living life is important. Getting to know yourself is important. Giving yourself a voice to speak is important. By feeling your space with information. You give yourself no chance to think or speak.

Filling the space of boredom with scrolling and Youtube videos can used to better use for learning, creativity and growing. I go online for a sense of community(who else can I discuss Kpop with), but I need to use most of my time being present. I want to be more intentional with my use. My intention is being more active, rather than passively looking at a screen.

Now that I have been been more mindful of my time. I don’t really find the online world as entertaining. It can also be a bit overstimulation, because my brain is getting used to the slow and steady lifestyle. I tend to enjoy the mindful activities more, and it has gotten easier to do them, because I realize how enjoyable, rewarding and relaxing they can be, even if it takes a bit more work.

Some choose to do a whole cleanse, but I choose not to. I enjoy social media. I am just much more intentional with it, which makes my time there much more valuable. My life has been much more enjoyable, because I am doing more things that aide my growth, and cultivating valuable experiences.

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