treat yourself first

Self-love, respect and acceptance are important in life. When you value and respect yourself. Others will do the same. If you don’t, you will allow others to disrespect you. When you see yourself as unworthy. It becomes easier to make excuses for others treating you like crap, because you feel/think you are not worthy of their respect.

It is important to be comfortable being you true self around others. We shouldn’t tiptoe around everyone’s opinion of us. People will have their opinion’s regardless, and even if you try to please others. People may see you as a pushover, or a people pleaser. How people see you is out of your control. How you express yourself is in your control, so it is better to focus on working on yourself. It creates less stress and anxiety freeing yourself from the control of others opinions.

Yes, it is nice to be liked, but the freedom and peace you get from accepting people who don’t like you is rewarding in itself. Honestly if you are a person who values oneself, but treats others with value. It would be hard for anyone to dislike you. If a person doesn’t like you for being yourself, and standing up for yourself, than do you really need that person liking you?

A person not liking you is their problem, as long as you are not intentionally trying to hurt someone, but also in that case. It is still up to the individual in how they handle that situation. We can’t control a lot in life, but we should try to learn to control the little things we can.

You know your worth. You know there are others who appreciate, and love you for being you. There is a line between self-love and narcissism. Narcissism is solely trying to please yourself. Self-love is about putting yourself first, which allows you to spread that love towards others. Self-love is essential to living more peacefully, and for our mental well-being. Accepting who you are and knowing your worth. You learn to respect and love yourself and others, and by doing so, you get the same in return, because you wouldn’t be able to take someone else’s crap. You won’t allow anyone to disrespect your boundaries, and you learn to stay true to oneself, because you believe in yourself and your values. When you are true to yourself. You are able to connect with like-minded individuals, which allows you to build deeper connections.

There are plenty of times I said no, and didn’t go to parties I didn’t want to go. It isn’t being rude. I need my solitude, and prefer meeting up with one or two people. I also hate parties. You learn what you like, and go with that, and what you don’t, remove yourself from it. There may be times to make compromises, but it shouldn’t be an all time thing. Your needs should be met first, then that gives you the opportunity to meet the needs of others. Treating yourself is important for oneself, but also for others around you. Knowing yourself makes connections with others less stressful and confusing, because clear boundaries are set. Knowing who are, and your worth gives you the opportunity to learn more about others and their value.

6 thoughts on “treat yourself first

  1. Wow, I feel like I was meant to come across this post when I did. Just yesterday I had a realization, after lovingly but firmly establishing boundaries with a strong personality in my life who I have had a great deal of difficulty with, that I was, in part, responsible for much of the difficulty I experienced with this person previously when I WASN’T taking up space and wasn’t asserting healthy boundaries. After asserting some boundaries and after spending some time with this person that was better and more respectful and healthy than any other interaction than I’ve ever had with them, I had this feeling of, “omg, I was causing so much of the tension between us by not accepting my own power which even allowed the toxic power imbalance in the first place!” I don’t say this from an unhealthy self-blame place but from a place of realizing how much power we have to really impact the way that others interact with us. Of course, how others treat us is ultimately their responsibility, but what we are responsible for is establishing our boundaries of what we will and won’t accept. It’s so scary to set boundaries at first when you’re not used to doing so but it’s such a powerful agent for change!! Your post resonates so strongly with what I’m just beginning to learn and understand and it’s such helpful and reassuring info, and stated so well. 💜🙏

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    1. I am so glad you are starting to use your power. The more you do so, the easier it will become. I ran away from a lot of friendships, due to not setting boundaries, but you live and learn. I have gotten much better at doing so, because it helps build healthier relationships, and a lot less stress. Thanks for the lovely comment. Much love<333

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      1. Thank you!! You’re so right – it’s like using a muscle I’ve never used before, but it gets easier with repetition! Definitely a lot less stress and much healthier relationships. I’m finding it’s one of those things that is so simple that you wonder why you’ve never done it before, but also is so much easier said than done. Thanks for this post and sharing this amazing info! 💜😁

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