Minfulness Journal(sharing my thoughts)

I sit here trying to figure out what to write for my next post. I have ideas, but don’t know how to create a topic around them. I stepped away from the screen, because I needed space to think. I found it a waste of time watching Youtube videos and scrolling. I have lots of thoughts about things, but how do I put it together?

I had a mindful/mostly off screen Saturday. It was nice. I connected with a friend. I read. I colored. I took a short walk. Sunday morning I did my plant care. I went for a walk, but unfortunately couldn’t be there for long. I was mostly on Youtube the rest of the day. I felt a bit of guilt for not being more mindful. But why?

I shouldn’t force myself to be mindful. It should be when I want. Mindful activities should be enjoyable. Not a chore. I don’t always have to force myself to be productive and mindful. I like to be passive from time to time. In the passenger seat. It is nice to take it easy from time to time. To watch entertaining content.

I am happy I get to sit and get all this out in written format. I feel a sense of relief. Although it was in my mind. Writing it out feels much better for the soul. There is just something wonderful about writing your thoughts out, rather than having it all stuck in your mind. Seeing the words formulate in front of me cultivates relief and peace.

I create this post as a reminder if there is a lot going in your mind. To consider writing it down. It can be quite therapeutic. Also, that you don’t have to be mindful all the time. It shouldn’t be planned, but rather an activity to create peace of mind in this stressful, noisy and busy world we live in.

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