As the season changes. The scenery and weather changes. For some, it may not change. I absolutely love the season change. I love the different feels of the seasons. Autumn is the time to settle down. To enjoy the colors of the leaves. The cooler weather. The beginning of a new season is always enjoyable for me.

A we embrace the new season. We should also learn to embrace the many changes we will face in life. It can be difficult at first, but eventually you will settle into it. Changes are part of life. We evolve. The people around us evolve. We may lose something, and that hurts, but there can always be something to gain as well.

It is okay to be sad and upset about changes, but dwelling on it leads to misery. Learning to figure out ways to move forward is more useful to you. Life is not stagnant. It is forever evolving. It gives you the room to grow and learn. Change cultivates new knowledge and perspective. It can help force you to do something different. You may realize that this change was for the best. Once you settle into it. You except, and you move forward. Life keeps moving on. Changes don’t destroy us. They just make us a different individual. They give life a new twist.

165 Quotes About Change In Your Life and In The World (2021)

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