Mindful Reminder(Appreciation)

Appreciate the moment. Appreciate what you have. Appreciate the connections one have. Appreciate the things you are able to do. Appreciate the beautiful days. Appreciate the joyful moments.

Learning appreciation can help reduce the power of negativity in your life. Things may suck in life, but there is always something to appreciate. I may not enjoy being overwhelmed and overworked at work sometimes, but I do appreciate that I have a good paying job, nice people to talk to, and working here gave me an opportunity to enjoy a nice vacation at the beach.

This mindset has helped me reduce the negativity I associate with work. I can allow my struggles at work to consume my being with negativity, but I rather focus on the benefits. I rather focus on the good in my life. I rather look forward to the fun plans I have this month. This has helped keep my mind at peace through the storm.

I see some coworkers become consumed with negativity. Becoming easily triggered, angry, and frustrated for any little thing. I just choose not to walk that path. Life is too short, especially when work consumes the majority of your life. I choose to put my energy into positivity and appreciation. No matter what, the situation is what it is, it won’t change no matter how angry, or frustrated I get. I rather try to remain calm and at peace, and be happy, rather than raise my blood pressure, be angry, and negative.

Just remember by being negative, you also distance others from you, eliminating social support and connections, which humans need. Connections, talking to others, and laughing with others, can be very helpful and therapeutic. This is why spreading positive energy is important. Learning to appreciate life more can help cultivate positive energy, peace of mind and happiness.

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