Let the Emotion Be

I write this, because recently I was feeling lonely. I get this way from time to time, so i decided to get away from my screen, and just sit with the emotion. I sat on my bed, took deep breaths, took in the scenery of my outside window and plants. I decided to write my thoughts, did a word search, and just sat with the emotion. I tried not to judge it, to resist it, or create negative stories about the emotion. I reminded myself, like every emotion, this will pass. I can say, in about 10 minutes the feeling was gone.

I didn’t allow myself to wallow in it, to become a victim of it. I just let it be. Emotions come and go. We have this thought that it will last, which creates resistance, but emotions never last. Remind yourself that it will pass. Just allow yourself to feel. Giving yourself the time to sit with it, and accept it, allows one to move forward much sooner. We are sentient beings. Give yourself the freedom and space to feel. Difficult emotions are apart of being alive.

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