Challenge Yourself

I think it is important to progress as an individual. To challenge oneself to grow and learn something new, to push towards your goals, or grow your skillset or career. I may be scary, anything new or different is going to be scary, but should try to push forward regardless if this can help your journey to self-growth.

There will be times you feel stagnant. Stability is nice. We as humans love comfort, but not for too long. Eventually we get bored, and need something new, need a change, or challenge to bring excitement back to our lives. We all need a challenge in our lives, as long as it isn’t too challenging. It helps us learn, and push forward in life. Challenges motivates us. It gives us life. It gives us meaning. Doing things that make you uncomfortable brings excitement to your life. It allows us to truly live. It is also very rewarding when we complete that challenge. It helps build character and confidence.

Recently I was feeling stagnant with my career goals. I decided to challenge myself, and take a mindfulness teaching course to help improve my skills as a teacher/coach. I also started working on my online course. This has brought excitement to my life, and it is fun to challenge myself to create something new. This new path has brought meaning to my life, a purpose. It starts with a challenge. Nothing too big, that it scares me away, but nothing too small that I doesn’t scare me a bit. You should have a bit of anxiety, and fear. That means you are on the right path.

It is important to find a fresh challenge to help improve your skills, to gain perspective, to grow, or to learn something new. You don’t want to get too complacent, and all into the trap of stagnation. Progress and growth isn’t linear. You will fall back, but as long as you get back on track is what matters. Strive to keep your journey as interesting as possible by stepping into something new and challenging.

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