The Good and Bad

The world is full of good and bad moments. Good and bad people. Good and bad events. Wins and losses. Life and death. There is no black and white. All or nothing. The world has a balance. We can choose to focus on the positives or negatives. It is all in our hands, or minds. The world can be tumultuous, and it can be peaceful. It depends on the experience you are having at the moment. A bad day for you, can be a great day for another, and vice versa. The world can suck, but it can also be a wonderful place. There is beauty, and there is ugly.

I just wanted to put a reminder out there that life has its ups and downs. Its lows and highs. We may think all is bad or good, but in reality it is a mixture of both. Life isn’t a smooth, peaceful ride. As there is day and night. There is always light and darkness. It may be hard to see light in a cloud of darkness, but it is there. And although, it is wonderful to be bright, accept that darkness will come into your life. Be appreciative of the peaceful times, and accept the difficult times. Both experiences can be learned from. A bad experience, or horrific event can push you to only see the negative, but remember that light surrounds you. Hopefully it can seep into your life sooner, rather than later. Good and bad are all around us, which one would you rather focus on?

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