Live With Discomfort

Although, we like comfort. It is important to learn to embrace discomfort. Use discomfort as a tool to learn and grow. Life would be boring if we didn’t have challenges and room to grow. Life involves changes. Sticking to the same routine cultivates stagnation. Go with the flow of life. Ride the waves. Let the storms come and go. Allow the sun to shine. I admit the anxious feeling isn’t enjoyable, but I do learn to embrace the feeling, because I know the experience will be beneficial to my growth. Living isn’t comfort. Creativity doesn’t come from comfort. There are things in life we will not enjoy. Discomfort is one of them. It does not mean it isn’t necessary in our lives. Pity, blame, anger, frustration, or sadness won’t help you. Accept what is, and this can help you move forward and learn. Attaching yourself to a perfect and comfortable life will lead you to pain and misery. Just remember, we all been through some crap, but we have gotten through it, and we will get through it again.

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