Habits That Keep Me At Peace In A Digital World

Being on social media can have its drawbacks. It can create anxiety, frustration, and depression. It is easy to fall into the negativity trap when you immerse yourself into that world. I have been able to stay on social media and still have a peaceful mind and soul. How? I like to discuss the reasons that helped me stay sane and at peace. Some people detox, which is great for them, but I don’t necessarily feel the need, since it doesn’t negatively impact my life. These habits have made it easier to live peacefully without allowing social media to destroy my peace, or should I say. I haven’t allowed social media to destroy my positivity and peace.

  • Awareness-When it comes to mindfulness. Awareness is very important. This is also the case for my social media use. When I recognize that I am being wasteful, or I am starting to feel any uncomfortable emotions. I shut it off. When I start to feel negativity creep in. I take a step back, recognize where I am going, and revert back to where I want to be. I tell myself none of this is that serious, it is just social media, and I move forward. Being able to be aware of where my thoughts and emotions are going. Helps me pull away from negativity, and push toward a more positive and peaceful mindset.
  • Don’t engage in negativity-People can say some hurtful things on social media. It is easy to engage and react. There are times I start typing something, but then I become aware of what I am doing, delete it, and move on. I try to ignore negativity on social media. I rather engage in positive things. I rather use it to fangirl over my favorite kpop groups, look at pictures of nature and plants, read inspirational quotes, watch inspirational or funny videos. When you put your energy into the positive aspects. You don’t have much time for the negative aspects.
  • Acceptance-This is another big point of mindfulness, and a huge way of keeping yourself at peace. There will be comments that upset and frustrate you. The news can be depressing. I follow lots of news on SNS. Not everyone has the same set of values as I do. Not everyone has the same opinions as I do, I recognize this. There are some depressing things that show up on my timeline, but as I recognize there is bad things in this world. There are also good things, and plenty of things to appreciate. Life sucks, but life is also good. I feel bad for the people suffering in this world, but getting depressed doesn’t help them. I can’t help them much. I will just focus on the things I can help, which is my happiness, and helping others seek happiness and peace. The world is filled with good and bad things. That is part of life. Accepting this can help you navigate the digital world much better.
  • Objectivity-Do not take things personally! Majority of the people on social media are strangers. Their opinion should not have much affect on you. Everyone has different perspectives. Social media is not about being the moral police. I am not perfect, so I will not judge others for their words. Bullying others to fall in line does not make you a happier person. I may disagree with others, and their opinions may be hurtful to others, but that is their opinion. Most of the time I can’t change it, so I rather just keep moving. I recognize we are all different, and have a different set of values. Once you recognize this it will be easier to navigate social media without feeling anger, resentment and frustration.
  • Seeing the grey-Recognize not everything is black and white, all or nothing, right or wrong. Look at understanding other perspectives. My opinion may be right, but for another opinion it can be right to. Open yourself up to other opinions. You may be surprised that you agree a bit with them. Another opinion from myself doesn’t equate to a wrong opinion, it is just different. Opening yourself up to different opinions makes things easier, and also a learning experience. It makes you more understanding and compassionate, which will make you a more relaxed and happier individual.
  • No need for validation-I try not to use social media for validation. It is nice to get noticed, but I normally just use it to express myself, that’s it. There is so much freedom in recognizing you don’t need others approval to create a post. I honestly love not having a lot of eyes on me. It is easier to post what I want, and not feel any pressure.
  • Step away- It is important that you don’t use these platforms all the time. When it is getting too overwhelming. I shut it off. When I recognize I am just wasting time there and mindlessly scrolling. I get off. When I am out. I don’t use it. Social media is not my life. I do other things to occupy my life, which is important to staying at peace. Get out, read, be creative. There is so much more out there. Once I step away. I realize how unimportant things are on social media. The things that upset me don’t matter as much. Real life is more important. This brings me back to reality, and brings me back to a peaceful place.

All of these habits have made my social media experience much more easier to deal with. I very rarely feel any stress, or sadness from being online. Social media is a platform for people to express themselves. It isn’t my life, or your life. The real world is out there. Explore that more, rather than putting your attention on a virtual world. It isn’t that serious. I hope these habits were helpful, and that you learn to use social media with a more mindful heart. I hope you continue to find peace, happiness and love in your lives.

2 thoughts on “Habits That Keep Me At Peace In A Digital World

  1. no because im literally going through the same shit, i tried using social media as a way to escape reality but it was late till i actually figured out the negativity is making it worse. this post is so helpful

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