Being Offended/Easily Triggered

Scrolling online, reading others opinions on controversial topics. Some have similar thoughts to myself, others are completely different. I could argue and say it is wrong, bigoted, ignorant, racist etc,. I could completely shut the opinion down. Get angry, upset, and call them names, but I just no longer want to be part of that narrative. When I hear or read , even ones that seem harsh. I recognize these people grew up in a different environment, and do not have the same knowledge of things that I do. Does it make their opinion right?, no, not really, but to allow myself to trap myself into negativity is something I choose not to do.

Insulting others isn’t going to make them understand your point of view. Arguing, getting upset, or frustrated isn’t going to change another person’s mind, so it is best not to have those emotions consume you. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and try to listen, and see their side. It may be difficult if they come across as rude and cruel. These type of engagements are ones you should ignore. They rarely solve anything, and it is hard to come to an understanding when people are insulting each other. Expressing your opinion in a diplomatic manner, listening to one another, even if your views are opposite is important for understanding and learning. If you don’t agree with someone, express your opinion in a compassionate manner. It is the others person’s choice to take it in, or not. You do your part, and allow them to their part, and leave it at that. Move on. The back and forth trying to prove a point can only get you so far.

I choose not to feed into the negativity. I think it is the best way to keep your sanity and peace of mind. I see and hear comments that sound harsh, cruel, and ignorant. I learned to just see and hear it, and move on. Not every individual thinks the same, or has the same views. We got to accept that, and realize nothing we can do about that. No need to waste our precious energy on arguing. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I learned to respect all different opinions, as long as it doesn’t disrespect, or harm a group, or others.

Now when it comes to criticism about oneself, that can be tough. Our ego can’t cope with it, but we should learn for our peace of mind. Not everyone will like you. People can be cruel and harsh, but that is more of a reflection of them. If you truly know yourself, have confidence in yourself. Have self-love and acceptance. It will be much easier to deflect these comments about you.

A Youtube vlogger mentioned, if this person criticizing you is a respectable source, and it is something you can learn from, than take it in, and grow from it, if not, ignore the noise, and keep moving. No reason to get in a state of negativity for a person who you don’t know, and who doesn’t know you. It is better to focus your energy on things that spark positivity, and growth in your life. Focus on listening to people who have your best interest, and want to aide you growth.

I often find comments regarding mental health to be ignorant at times, but I also realize a lot of people don’t have knowledge on mental health issues, hence the ignorance. Once again, I try not to let the words of random strangers upset me. There are times people you know, or loved ones can say offensive things that can be triggering to you, but we got to recognize the differences of opinions and thought processes. They may say things about you that bug you. Their opinion about you is theirs. If you are happy and believe in yourself, than that should be enough. They should focus on themselves, rather than your life. If it is out of love and concern, than do listen, but if it is just noise, than ignore. I can’t change others opinions, maybe some through compassionate dialogue, but mostly no, because most of these thoughts and opinions have been indoctrinated since childhood, and that is hard to break.

We live in a political correct society. A place of safe spaces. I don’t really agree with it to be honest. Canceling someone for a mistake, or difference of opinion has gotten a bit too far. You can’t learn from pushing away opinions different from you. Challenging you viewpoints helps you grow as an individual. Instead of canceling, belittling, insulting, and arguing. You can learn to agree to disagree. There is absolutely no way every individual will have the same views.

Humans are flawed creature. I can’t expect everyone to be open-minded, enlightened, compassionate, and empathetic. It is not a matter of right or wrong. It is just how it is. Your energy should be on your self-growth, not everyone else’s. Learn to be satisfied with your views, and allow others to have their own. If they agree with you, that’s great, if not, great, lets learn.

I do believe words can be damaging as physical harm, but unlike physical harm. We have control with how much damage it can cause. Words are just words. We perceive them the way we want. A word can mean one thing to one person, and another to someone else. Words can offend one person, but not another. Words are subjective. You choose how you handle the words thrown at you. It is all about your perception, confidence, state of mind, mental strength, self- awareness, and self-acceptance. All these play a role in how hurtful or harmful the words will be to an individual.

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